Nov 10, 2006

Big Boss - Turning the Indians sexy

So yesterday was not much happening except for a few fights between Deepak Parasher and Kashmira shah and a few cries and hues by Rupali yet again .. I would say its all heating up for the War that is soon going to take off either Bobby Darling or Deepak out of the fray .. most likely it is Boby darling as I see all the members hating him/her already and not many people even liking deepak .. but its the public and the sympathy never goes to the Male as I understand though Bobby has a advantage of being a half male :d ..

The only concerning point is that you dont know what to do with the SMS .. I thought it was voting to keep someone in until yesterday when I had sent around 10 SMS to get Deepak Parasher out when I realised that it is voting to ousten someone ..

Other problem with the Big boss is the schedule there is no re-telecast or telecast schedule available anywhere .. and I am so pissed that I have to stay late and I really dont get to watch the show again and again :d

I am hoping tha Big Boss will be allowing the guys to do some shopping in a Veil.. but lets see first who goes out of the competition ..

While the Indian Sex girls are rocking . Yeah I am talking about Rakhi Sawant, Kashmira Shah, Anupama and Ragini .. the boys are heating up specially Aryan to plan kids with Anupama..

God Bless them


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