Nov 18, 2006

Big Boss Sucks Ragini , Aryan, Kashmira Beware

With all the happenings around the show with Bigg Boss cotrolling the game and lot of politics and controversies amidst .. the 14th day in Big Boss house was a message day ... Early Morning Ragini was being called in the confession room and messaged by Bigg Boss that the reason why Ragini is in the Game... it was a clear message which I couold derive as if you play well you be in and if not you never know when you will get out .. As far as I think people are not taking Ragini any seriously at the moment .. but todays day was special for her to lot of extent ...

So finally after a Rs 500 budget win last week the Big Boss has given a opportunity to Ragini to think that she has a real chance to convince people in the acting skills and this weeks exercise was to housemates to assume that they are in a foreign country and giving an audition for theie acting Talents ...

Ravi Kishan Kicked it off with an Italian show piece .. And Yes its not a wonder that he is a bhojpuri star ... I was under estimating him untill yesterday I guess .. he is a good star and soon should be in Bollywood if not Hollywood ..specially when Actress like Aishwarya Rai can make it Hollywood with a shitty piece of act why cant someone else ..

There Amit Sadh cam to be a part of Zorro III .. well it makes me feel that model will need to take some time to get into the act really ..

Ashiqui II for him was good .. Rahul wanted to win a heart with his act .. ummmm not so good I would say .. no wonder why he is not in the rocking blast today ...

Carol did something with her Cat Walks and a Super Model act was good only if it was a ramp .. but not really being liked by people and the way Kashmira and Rakhi Made faces it appeared that they are really Jealous of her...

Rakhi Sawant was in her usual mood of a Music Album and a hot hot body show with a hot hot Mirchi Song ...what she was trying was to do a Album with Janet Jackson .. and OMG what does she think its easy to get there? When Irfan first acted on Jolie's film I thought it was an achievement but I realised its a miracle .. What I would tell Rakhi is that you need a Miracle to get there not a exposure of the flesh ...

Anupama was a shit again ... this time trying to play that the Airport authoroties wanted her to get away with the choclates she was carrying .. what a current topic she chose .. in respect to the deadly Air Plane Threats for Terror Attacks across UK .. but all in vein she was not good at all.

Aryan again tried to impress an American chick and he is good at that .. I fear that the love story between Anupama Verma and Aryan Vaid whose real name is Sunil .. will end before they go out ... mind you Carol and Ragini are in the row ..

Kashmira played the twin role of a dead sister .. and Believe me Kashmira Shah .. one is enough for the show .. if we have 2 you will screw up everything with the Bitchy Acts that you are doing

Deepak Tijori invited by Steven Spilberg to copy his movies into Hindi thats what I thought when he made last few of his movies .. shear copy act ...

there Rupali Ganguly who survived from the elimination this time was happy and acted the bargain stuff she usually does in the Sarabhai show .. good but not impressive .. All I would say is she will have to bargain with others to be here..

On the other hand the village girl played by Ragini was good .. she anyways look like one to me ... but it impressed the housemates though not the public ..

Ravi won the Best Actor Award only one not in a bhojpuri film and Carol was not able to leave Ragini behind with her cat walk ...

But the disclosure from Bigg Boss saying that Ragini was the mole set in the house and that since people are convinced that she is a star Bigg Boss thinks that Ragini can now leave as a normal person .. Abhi ???

Deepak Parasher was not well and was let away by Big Boss anyways he is one who gonna be eliminated ... so no worries

There on the other hand Love is playing the tricks in Amit and Rakhi Sawant's life and on the other hand between Anupama and Aryan's life ... She finally confessed Amit about her liking and being sorry to him for all the stuff that happened .. Amit if Neeru is watching the show then you will have a chance to get screwed . your wife Neeru will for sure have a bat in her hand when you return loosing ..

So what will happen next ?

Deepak Parasher will be out?
Rakhi Sawant and AMit Sadh will love each other?
Anupama and Aryan will get married?
Kashmira shah will be able to play her mind games?
What is Rahul Roys next move?
Will Deepak Tijori survive the whole stuff ?
Will Rakhi Sawant be as dumb as she is now?

Read more and I will get the Bigg Boss Video clips soon here ..

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  1. Anonymous2:37 AM

    lol.. gud stuff.
    hey i like rakhi! so glad kash has gone, a real bitch she was. what makes her think everyone is scared of her? eham..shes just a waste of space and time! anyway enjoying big boss, its wicked. cant stand aryan now, the way he spoke to anupama. i like her. tough girl.. hope rakhi or rupali win the show. feel sorry for ragini looks alil lost. carol suits lukin like "Jungal ki raani" lol but she seems a top lass. nway gudluck to them and you. tckr! x