Nov 28, 2006

Big Boss Rakhi Sawant Nominated

Big Boss Rakhi Sawant Nominated - by Sameer Shaikh

Today’s day was actually a carry over from Sunday... It was Rakhi’s Birthday today, Believe me or not its not so easy to be away from the family on this day when you had being there always on your bday enjoying life with them … Ahh what a pain it is…
Not a long to go Rakhi right in the morning was talking about Abhishek who loves her as per her and she never realized that … however she is now missing him badly and she told Ragini that the moment she goes out she is going to propose Abhishek for marriage and would invite everyone in the house for the marriage. Ragini was thinking what dress she would wear for the marriage and what a sentimental talk it was … there Rakhi was so happy about the Birthday and her realization about true love that she never wanted to go beyond that point… somehow I felt that she realized the love only because she got a NO Response from Amit Sadh… but anyways that’s how life is.. Here on one hand life was giving one Love story a boost and there on the other side one love story is on a verge of breaking... Yes Anupama and Aryan’s love story took a change this morning. Aryan was singing songs to impress the girls around the house and specially after the confession that he was flirting with Ragini and that Ragini had a crush on Aryan … it was a not so good feeling for Anupama who was watching all this and you could easily see the anger on her face … bow ... Aryan was going to have it …..

After the morning breakfast when Aryan was having fun with all the girls dancing and singing Anupama took a jealous turn... she just walked off from there... If you were watching the serial you would have easily made what they were doing and what was in there minds... lol happens with every love story no matter how mature or understanding you are...

That was not the end in the late afternoon Anupama and Aryan were sitting in the lovely romantic mode while the quarrel that begin in the morning by a jealous look took a wild turn when Aryan was singing songs and Anupama said that she wants to spend some time with Amit … this was enough to piss off Aryan .. Of course it should don’t you think? Amit and Aryan had a big fight a week ago after all….Aryan got upset and he said that Anupama was not kind enough to listen to him and that she wants to get close to some one else which was enough to get someone bugged up and Anupama did react saying that Aryan is a person who was balancing his personal and game life and was just playing around with her and she is no girl of that type to let it happen..

Aryan was wild and was using all the swear words that pissed off Anupama so much that she decided to walk off and not talk to Aryan who did not respect her as a girl and was blaming her for everything and anything ….This love story will surely go wild wild looking at the response from Aryan .. Yes he was really arrogant when he was doing that… The fun was that he entered in the bathroom where Anupama was to convince her that he was pissed of as Anupama tried to put a finger on Aryans character.

Later in the evening the Birthday Girl Rakhi was also a bit upset, Not sure if you have experienced this but when Rakhi was telling this to Big Boss in the confession room I could feel the pain … like I said you know that everyone will be happy on this day and still you can’t feel the happiness… But anyways she regrets it or not. The Day was a Bash for Rakhi even in Bigg Boss’s house... Rakhi was called in the confession room so that all others could prepare for the Bday part that Bigg Boss had sponsored, Fancy Dresses, Cake, Pasties, clown caps and what not… So while Bigg Boss was listening carefully to Rakhi’s confessions about how she is missing her family and how much she likes her BF Abhishek all others were ready with the party fun there… The dress up was cool and charming… Amit Sadh was the highlight of the evening with a Super Man costume, Deepak Tijori as Lalu Prasad, Carol as Jungle Queen, Anupama as the sexy hot nurse, Aryan as an Amigo, Ravi Kissen as a Villager, Rahul Roy as a coolie, Rupali as Humpy though I don’t remember what and of course Rakhi as a fairy in wonderland….

The bash was prepared and the moment she stepped out of the confession room she was being picked up by Amit, Rahul and Deepak who gave her a good bumpy show … that was cool… The party was formerly changed with the best of all songs from Rakhi Pardesia and a dance followed... this was not just the change as The dancing pairs were really very very fishy … Yeah Deepak dancing with Carol, Amit dancing with Rakhi, Aryan with Anupama and Ravi with Rupali .. The poor Ragini was left over with Rahul Roy... not sure if that is going to please Rahul anyways...

The bash was good but on more than one occasions it was found that Amit was being chased by Rakhi not sure why …. There while dancing Aryan was able to get Anupama cooled down a bit and that is good for them we could easily see some disappointment on Ragini’s face however…

So this day was a nomination day... and what a shame all the politics got into action... as per the rules this time there were 4 people who got nominated Rakhi was the highest voted nominations with 5 votes followed by Carol, Ragini and Ravi Kissen with 3 votes each … the nominations is the worst part of the show and with one person going out every week it appears to be fun.. I think this time the person to go on a Friday will be none other than Ragini.

Post nominations things went a bit calm and Aryan had half convinced Anupama that he is not a bad guy and he gets pissed when she tries to go away from him... There Bigg Boss gave a tedious task to the guys to make a board, table with lot of carpentry material being allotted ... but before they could finish the work there were 2 fights in the house already …. No wonder why there are conflicts in a house when the son gets married anywhere… Rakhi asked Amit to wear gloves so that he doesn’t get hurt… was it sweet of Rakhi or is she still behind Amit…???? You will never get an answer as Women’s heart is as deep as shit... There Amit got pissed as she was acting motherly and said that I know how to take care of myself… there Ravi Kissen got pissed as Aryan kept sleeping saying that call him whenever they need help .. Ravi wanted everyone to be present while the work was going …

So this was all happenings in Yesterdays serial. I am not sure If I will reach in time for todays show .. but even if I don’t I will record and write the review .. Till then Ciao..

Sameer Shaikh


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