Nov 8, 2006

Big Boss - The day of War

Well I missed almost 35 minutes of the show today and when I landed up in front of the Idiot Box it was already 10:30 PM ... so when I went I saw the regular stuff .. Yeah Aryan Vaid this time trying his flirt act on Ragini and Rakhi Sawant was as susual in her dancing mood this time with a Saree and a bikini inside .. later in the show a strange thing came up ..

They were talking shit about each other the cool and mool Salil and Rupali probably felt too bad about it ... Ruapli was crying on the cam saying she is not a typo girl that would stab at the back ... Ravi who is another guy with principles wwas giving her some good advice ... but the stabbing on the back by Anupriya and Rakhi is going to hurt .. I think the next person to go out is Anupriya and Amit ...

While Big Boss is enjoying the happenings so are you and me .... they finally got the first share of chicken ... alrite guys I think its too late for me and I have to catch up the series this time .. donn wanna miss it today so whatever it be I am off ..

Keep reading as today is going to be fun all over ...


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