Nov 15, 2006

Being Agile - When do you start a New Story?

The reason I came up with this post is a recent experience where I see developers handling parallel tasks and User story .. Well ofcourse there are Software delivery limitations to it .. but still most of the times this happens because the developer doesnt know if he is finished .. so I thought before the start of the new User story and after the end of the old one ... The developer will need to take care of a checklist just to make sure that he is right on the path and he is not screwing up the project just because he assumes certain things ....

The following is the List of Items that the developer will need to mark before he assumes that the User Story is complete :

1. The code compiles and works perfectly in the local environment.

2. All the automated unit tests are passing and test coverage is between 85% and 100%. (I would say that he really need to think and schedule himself to have JUnits, and Automated Tests)

3. The design is simple and being discussed and reviewed by the Leads and Architects and also uses the fewest classes and methods.

4. The code is well factored and duplication is handled.

5. The code is clean and structured to coding standards.

6. The code is self-documenting and clearly communicates my intentions a the developer.

7. The code is checked-in, integrated (and builds successfully).

8. All the acceptance tests (automated) are passing.

9. The customer has verified that the acceptance criteria have been satisfied. You dont really need to wait for the end of the Iteration to do this .. the moment you have the code in the INT Box just buzz the world about it. After all that is waht agile would be ..

10. Confirm that your DB changes are in place and updated in the schemas.

So while in Agile I would say that these things might help you identify when to think you are finished and when to start ...By far its all about Heads and Borrows.

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  1. yeah, Thoes are the must things for the developer when he finishes the user story.