Nov 30, 2006

Being Agile - Are you ready for a change?

Agile Project Management

While there is always being talked about Project management and Product Development I think certain thoughts would be good to put up here on the blog... I am sure that My views wont sound good or correct to many but I am gonna stand by them unless you decide to catch hold me with the balls and squeeze them when I turn out from them , You Bet you would never get a chance to do that...

So when I always go in a discussion about Product Development Methodology (Not long since I was thinking 2 thursday's ago about how CMMi benefits the Project I am being working on). I see a big threat in lack of understanding what th Heck it means when you call an Managing an Agile Project and Project Management in a Agile manner... not much when it comes to the phrase but a lot when it comes to implications..

Last few months I have been trying to derieve the fact that Agile is not only about the adaptability and response to the change it is also about looking at change in a completely different perspective an Opportunity and definately not a Threat or a problem to the development or Management... while I see lot of benefit from this many of the traditional dung drivers ( I really want to honour them for applying non Innovative software development methodologies) dont really agree to it and why not most of these drivers come from a Service Sector where outsourcing is an option and billing resources plays a major role.. no wonder they end up paid High fancy salaries and perks...

So when a Project Manager like me who come from the similar industry where innovation is a sin and a change is definately being looked as a pain its really very difficult in the initial phase to adapt to agility ... but not so as it is really being said.. though sometimes I feel better to keep my MouthShut applying the traditional ways for part of the projects be it planning or execution. I see that the approach is trouble making sometimes... I still see some software majors trying to sell the traditional ceremonial project management methods that are applied in construction and production indistries being implemented in IT projects .. rather being forced on IT projects .. what a Move that is.. when you consider a cobbler and a Software engineer using same methodology to develop something .. Woohooo

So when coming back to the traditional and agile methodologies there is lot of stuff that really need to be poured in the veins and the arteries... ofcourse while somethings need to be bought in something need to be clarified and distributed to the whole system as well.. I heard a lot of Organisational Managers tlking about planning, scheduling, controlling and finally closing to succeed.. well for me they just form one or the other form of myth when it comes out to books or rather practical lives...

Not to talk about this a lot I know that last few years the toothpaste I had being using has never changed.. Now when I last went out for a trip my Wife made sure that I was carrying the same toothpaste that can last for a few months... what kind of Product Management is this??? and see the level of Project Management. When I reached the destination I realised that somehow I misplaced the stock of paste I was carrying .. not long I had to move to another one and adapt to it.. not for a purpose but for a reason (Please dont ask me to define them now). so while I was not prepared to adapt a change I had to do it for circumstances and it did benefit when I saw a crystal constituted toothpaste that was much much better in taste and work... Glad I keep on changin my paste every month now.. ofcourse for a purpose and a reason both.

Another example .. a few weeks ago I heard a developer talking about how change in the requirements hurt them .. and talking to him later on a different issue I realised he had being telling the advantages of being Agile.. all I could derive from him and his talks was that we play a shit when we follow agile.. and why is that so ???? Just think of NO changes in the system .. Our Business Analyst does a RA and frame to develop a CRM and the developers do it accordingly just to realise that when it comes to market the product requirement has changed to a SCM .. not only about change its also about planning and scheduling ... Not long before I realise that scheduling a project is lot more different then planning it I could see the benefits of Project Management coming a long way...
I would say that the hump of ceremonial - high profile and parameterized projects finally go into the depth of failure if the methodolgy applied is not really correct or to that matter the project management is based on derivations from the methodology.. anyways I am not here to talk the crap of the D method project management.

Talking about how we understand Product Development Methodology and Project Management in agile way is quite simple to explain: -
Product Methodology will teach you what to do it and how to practice to get the best.. Project Management in Agile is to adapt to the changing modes of the product development life cycle and ensuring a control on the project and resources.

As a example I can tell that lot of excitement in the Team can help you follow the complete methodology to achieve the project goals... at the same time minimal excitement and acquintance in ProjectManagement can lead to a disaster... like A Project Manager once in excitement kicked off the project and really did everything one has to do with a real high motivational approach.. middle of the project a disaster was caused due to change requirements ... As a Traditional Manager the Project Manager decides to take a change management approach... while the change real translates to a complete switch of the development to another mode.. (Project Manager is not the right candidate as per me to extract the truce behind technology and domain).

Alrite to conclude a Product Methodology might say something where change is not so welcomed its the Project Management that has to decide where and what to change for what and how and ofcourse has to decide what change it can bring with a positive or negative difference.

“Learning to love change is an unnatural act in many institutions. Change is the oxygen of our growth.”

Sameer Shaikh

Nov 29, 2006

Bigg Boss Day 25- Rakhi Sawant Video of Politics

Bigg Boss Day 25- Rakhi Sawant Video of Politics - Sameer Shaikh

Today was a devastating day …Day of Pleasure and Pain... Day of fun and fortune… Day of groupies and politics… Well a Day Again of Rakhi Sawant … While all these days you and me were expecting that Rakhi Sawant is just another innocent girl her true colors were shown to the public right when she was playing the carry forward of Kashmira Shah dirty politics…

While I missed the first 5 minutes of the show I was able to catch the rest of the show… thanks to the superb driving by the Pune Auto Driver that took me back to my house in time in spite of vulcanizing traffic. While the first scene I saw in the show was the Rakhi Sawant bash and take over from Kashmira Shah … Yeah I clearly mean that Rakhi Sawant has taken over the job from Kashmira completely and don’t know if she knows it or not she is playing wild but foolish in the Bigg Boss house… This time the prey of the politics was Anupama Verma… the chilling Aryan Vaid girl friend... and the victim of course was Rupali and Carol… and what a game it was …. Rakhi sweared on Ganesha the Hindu god whom she prays every day saying that Rupali gave her eye signals to nominate Anupama on Monday… Well for now I am not sure if it was Anupama or Rupali but for sure I know No one did that at least in front of the camera…. What a Game she played …

Anupama was quite pissed off with this and why should she not she was already hurt by Rupali calling her a “Chudail” a Witch a few weeks ago…. This game did not stop here while cleaning the vessels Anupama played the same trick with Aryan that Rupali is the dirty player and Carol is the one who is using her smartly …. And why not Rakhi is against Carol as she doesn’t ask her for anything while doing the food and Anupama want to get rid of Rupali as she called her a witch…

Later in the day in the girls room the convo took a hot turn between Rakhi, Anupama and Ragini... 2 out of these 3 are nominated this time …It was all mind games that are happening here I wish you see the videos and the pics of this game on my blog .

Today Amit was called in for the weekly task and the task was that 2 people will pair to make 1 culprit and another lawyer and Amit will judge them while the whole team will be putting out allegations on them with Ragini and Ravi being the witness. The first pair was Anupama and Ravi Kissen (God Aryan is jealous again... he is that piece of lover who is over possessive), The allegation was from Rupali ... you expected that didn’t you? So the allegation was that Anupama is always in her room with the eye and ears covered, Ravi defended her by saying that she is in love and that is natural... the judge gave her a clean chit.

The next pair was carol and Aryan and god how she can defend herself from Rakhi … the allegation was carol never asks her for food… though carol did not have a good answer Aryan defended her by saying that it is just an misunderstanding and Amit took it as a benefit of doubt to Carol. Rakhi was paired with Rahul and she was also given a clean chit as carol said she behaves erratic sometime.

The last one was Rupali paired with Deepak Tijori and the allegation was reversed by Anupama saying that why she always massages boys legs… godamm she caught her right in face …. Deepak put a weak point saying that she is an Indian cultured woman and always want to be in Men’s feet which were rejected and Rupali was sentenced to massage all the girls this night. Deepak was sentenced to provide everything that the girls ask for …. Wish Deepak you gonna get it tonight…

Things did not stop here after the end …. Rupali and Anupama went in a clear fight saying that both have offended each other… while Anupama took a smart turn and called all the guys in one room and like a kid started complaining about Rupali there outside Rupali started crying in front of Ragini and Carol saying what is Anupama trying to achieve,,, well this is kiddies but what I can see is before Rakhi Sawant is driven out of the house she is going to screw some relations here…

At Night 1:20 am Aryan was right in the girl’s room and Anupama and Aryan were not able to hold there feelings damm they were hugging and kissing hands of each other ... what a love story this is….I am sure the marriage and divorce are sure under way…

I can’t stop myself eagerly waiting for today to see how the fight continues….Lets wait to see it today…

Sameer Shaikh

Nov 28, 2006

Sanjay Dutt found Guilty in 1993 Blasts

I wasnt a Big Fan of him until I saw Rendezvous where her Sister and He was a part of the blast show by Simi Garewal... Oh My God I dont believe there is a person like this in the world who has overcome all sort of depressions in his life .... Yeah Lossing his beloved Mom Nargis, the Drug zone which was the worst part of his life, then the Marriage that didnt work, then loosing the custody of his daughter, then the Jail for 18 months with a scar on his face that he was a part of the conspiracy and various acts thats held him for illegal acquisition of arms and ammunition.. Loosing his father when he was climbing High on success with his professional filming career and then this sentence...

This is not all there is lot of meaning to it ... these were the worst moments of his life that I got to hear from him and his sister in the show and ofcourse that changed a complete view .. as an actor he was good but Now he is just a greatest person for me .. No matter what he has done what he is facing now I like him to death .. I could not control my feeling a week ago when I came to know that the decission was going to be made this tuesday .. what an unlucky day it is ... for the Bollywood ..

Though the Judge commented that Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist but the sentence was based on his past and that on the base of the evidences I just think that unlike other celebs he is just facing this as he is a celeb ... Not everything was against him .. but the fact that Ajay Amrwah and others were not found guilty and Sanjay Dutt was is painful.. I have no objections to the courts decission but I think he should have being spared ... not just because he has changed but because he is unlucky enough to be a celebrity ...

There were and are so many predictions that he will be sentenced to a lifer or even 2-5 years .. It appears that he will be sentenced to a 5 yrs imprisonment .. not sure if the 18 months he spent under trial will be deducted from it .. anyways as far as I know its a real real big setback to the film industry ..

I think we should really start a signature campaign to get justice for him .. afterall he was not the one who was in the conspiracy and keeping the weapons (which I believe he has denied) or whatever allegations are charged against him should also be taken into consideration after considering the facts that were available and present then Father and Family getting threatening calls for running the rehab centres in Mumbai after the Riots and Babri dmeolition and what not ..

I am still on my fast to keep my beard growing until Sanjay Dutt is declared NOT Guilty ... Or at least faces a minimal sentence not sure when this will happen though .. God Bless Sanjay and his family and give them strenght to over come this again like he always did ..

Big Boss Rakhi Sawant Nominated

Big Boss Rakhi Sawant Nominated - by Sameer Shaikh

Today’s day was actually a carry over from Sunday... It was Rakhi’s Birthday today, Believe me or not its not so easy to be away from the family on this day when you had being there always on your bday enjoying life with them … Ahh what a pain it is…
Not a long to go Rakhi right in the morning was talking about Abhishek who loves her as per her and she never realized that … however she is now missing him badly and she told Ragini that the moment she goes out she is going to propose Abhishek for marriage and would invite everyone in the house for the marriage. Ragini was thinking what dress she would wear for the marriage and what a sentimental talk it was … there Rakhi was so happy about the Birthday and her realization about true love that she never wanted to go beyond that point… somehow I felt that she realized the love only because she got a NO Response from Amit Sadh… but anyways that’s how life is.. Here on one hand life was giving one Love story a boost and there on the other side one love story is on a verge of breaking... Yes Anupama and Aryan’s love story took a change this morning. Aryan was singing songs to impress the girls around the house and specially after the confession that he was flirting with Ragini and that Ragini had a crush on Aryan … it was a not so good feeling for Anupama who was watching all this and you could easily see the anger on her face … bow ... Aryan was going to have it …..

After the morning breakfast when Aryan was having fun with all the girls dancing and singing Anupama took a jealous turn... she just walked off from there... If you were watching the serial you would have easily made what they were doing and what was in there minds... lol happens with every love story no matter how mature or understanding you are...

That was not the end in the late afternoon Anupama and Aryan were sitting in the lovely romantic mode while the quarrel that begin in the morning by a jealous look took a wild turn when Aryan was singing songs and Anupama said that she wants to spend some time with Amit … this was enough to piss off Aryan .. Of course it should don’t you think? Amit and Aryan had a big fight a week ago after all….Aryan got upset and he said that Anupama was not kind enough to listen to him and that she wants to get close to some one else which was enough to get someone bugged up and Anupama did react saying that Aryan is a person who was balancing his personal and game life and was just playing around with her and she is no girl of that type to let it happen..

Aryan was wild and was using all the swear words that pissed off Anupama so much that she decided to walk off and not talk to Aryan who did not respect her as a girl and was blaming her for everything and anything ….This love story will surely go wild wild looking at the response from Aryan .. Yes he was really arrogant when he was doing that… The fun was that he entered in the bathroom where Anupama was to convince her that he was pissed of as Anupama tried to put a finger on Aryans character.

Later in the evening the Birthday Girl Rakhi was also a bit upset, Not sure if you have experienced this but when Rakhi was telling this to Big Boss in the confession room I could feel the pain … like I said you know that everyone will be happy on this day and still you can’t feel the happiness… But anyways she regrets it or not. The Day was a Bash for Rakhi even in Bigg Boss’s house... Rakhi was called in the confession room so that all others could prepare for the Bday part that Bigg Boss had sponsored, Fancy Dresses, Cake, Pasties, clown caps and what not… So while Bigg Boss was listening carefully to Rakhi’s confessions about how she is missing her family and how much she likes her BF Abhishek all others were ready with the party fun there… The dress up was cool and charming… Amit Sadh was the highlight of the evening with a Super Man costume, Deepak Tijori as Lalu Prasad, Carol as Jungle Queen, Anupama as the sexy hot nurse, Aryan as an Amigo, Ravi Kissen as a Villager, Rahul Roy as a coolie, Rupali as Humpy though I don’t remember what and of course Rakhi as a fairy in wonderland….

The bash was prepared and the moment she stepped out of the confession room she was being picked up by Amit, Rahul and Deepak who gave her a good bumpy show … that was cool… The party was formerly changed with the best of all songs from Rakhi Pardesia and a dance followed... this was not just the change as The dancing pairs were really very very fishy … Yeah Deepak dancing with Carol, Amit dancing with Rakhi, Aryan with Anupama and Ravi with Rupali .. The poor Ragini was left over with Rahul Roy... not sure if that is going to please Rahul anyways...

The bash was good but on more than one occasions it was found that Amit was being chased by Rakhi not sure why …. There while dancing Aryan was able to get Anupama cooled down a bit and that is good for them we could easily see some disappointment on Ragini’s face however…

So this day was a nomination day... and what a shame all the politics got into action... as per the rules this time there were 4 people who got nominated Rakhi was the highest voted nominations with 5 votes followed by Carol, Ragini and Ravi Kissen with 3 votes each … the nominations is the worst part of the show and with one person going out every week it appears to be fun.. I think this time the person to go on a Friday will be none other than Ragini.

Post nominations things went a bit calm and Aryan had half convinced Anupama that he is not a bad guy and he gets pissed when she tries to go away from him... There Bigg Boss gave a tedious task to the guys to make a board, table with lot of carpentry material being allotted ... but before they could finish the work there were 2 fights in the house already …. No wonder why there are conflicts in a house when the son gets married anywhere… Rakhi asked Amit to wear gloves so that he doesn’t get hurt… was it sweet of Rakhi or is she still behind Amit…???? You will never get an answer as Women’s heart is as deep as shit... There Amit got pissed as she was acting motherly and said that I know how to take care of myself… there Ravi Kissen got pissed as Aryan kept sleeping saying that call him whenever they need help .. Ravi wanted everyone to be present while the work was going …

So this was all happenings in Yesterdays serial. I am not sure If I will reach in time for todays show .. but even if I don’t I will record and write the review .. Till then Ciao..

Sameer Shaikh

Nov 24, 2006

Bigg Boss Day 21 - Rakhi Sawant Rocks

A day of Victory a Day of Passion ... A day of Hue A day of saturation .. A day of endurance a day of patience .. a Day of War a Day of Scar ... Todays day was very very passionate specially after the incidence that took a timely curve in the house ..

Amit while cooking the food today used the luckiest Tea cup of Rakhi to grind the Ginger Garlic Paste ... and what a mistake it was right in the early morning that Rakhi saw it when she went to get the Tea and could smell the Garlic in it ... dammmn the first time I saw the real Rakhi Sawant after the Mika Kiss incidence ... she started yelling shouting crying and did almost everything that one shoudnt in front of the camera while not really acting ..

This wasnt enough she went and blasted both the boys and the girls right in there rooms and in front of everyone ... wow .. what a show it was .. all swear words dropped on the biggest swearers of the world .. remember Ravi Kissen ... lol Ravi Kishan .,... this was not enough to wrap the show today when Kashmira whose 1 leg is in house and the other is out of the house poured some oil in the burning Rakhi Sawant flame saying that why dont you go and tell the person who did it .. and that was it .. the friendship that appeared a while ago has changed in the revenge ... Rakhi went to Amit Sadh and started blasting like anything .. withh all the possible things she ever had in mind ..

Now I can say there is no chance of romance in them ... there on the other hand Kasmira was enjoying the show trying to get the fun out before she really goes off .. how confident she is that she will be out ... This incident could not keep Rakhi swirling as Amit clearly told her that it was no big deal and he was sorry and when he saw the mouth not getting shut he threatened her to throw out of the house ... And that was enough to make Rakhi weep inside in the girls rooms .. she went and weeped at Rupalis arms .. and Rupali a friendly always girl was trying to help her with everything she could ..

some time later Rakhi went to everyone and said sorry when Ragini and Rupali told her that she should go and tell sorry to everyone .. Deepak Tijori , Ravi Kishan, Rahul Roy, Carol and others were OK with it .. but Rakhi said that she wont say sorry to Amit . and came back .. while passing by in the room she heard Kashmira talking shit about herself in front of Amit .. and Damm you wont believe what a show it was .. breakup of the best friends in the show .... 20 days and I am able to see evrything happening .. Godddddd

Rakhi balsted like anything and then went to peace with Amit ... there the Love story between Anupama and Aryan took a different turn when Aryan got very very pissed of with Anupama when she said she wasnt to continue play Antakshari with the guys and Aryan wanted her out to talk ... Aryan got pissed and walked out with the old flirty crush .. Ragini .. while Anupama came 3 times asking what was up with him and when she saw that Aryan was ignoring him .. just went off saying that she doesnt want to talk to him he can leave ...

This did not last long so Ragini there is nothing for you to Joy about ... The confession meets were emotional with Rakhi talking about her Boyfried Abhishek .. looking and dancing with his pic and godd she is going to propose him when she gets out ..

Lets wait to see who goes out of the house now and what happens next...

Nov 23, 2006

If you are a Nokia Phone User You may want it

These Nokia codes will work on most Nokia mobile phones, however we accept no responsibility of any kind for damage done to your phone whilst trying these Nokia secret codes.

*3370# - This Nokia code activates Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your Nokia cell phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced by approx. 5%

#3370# - Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)

*#4720# - Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time

*#4720# - With this Nokia code you can deactivate the Half Rate Codec

*#0000# - Displays your phones software version, 1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type

*#9999# - Phones software version if *#0000# does not work

*#06# - For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number)

#pw+1234567890+1# - Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

#pw+1234567890+2# - Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

#pw+1234567890+3# - Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

#pw+1234567890+4# - SIM Card Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

*#147# - This lets you know who called you last (Only vodofone)

*#1471# - Last call (Only vodofone)

*#21# - This phone code allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to

*#2640# - Displays phone security code in use

*#30# - Lets you see the private number

*#43# - Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your cell phone.

*#61# - Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to

*#62# - Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unreachable (no service)" calls are diverted to

*#67# - Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to

*#67705646# - Phone code that removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330

*#73# - Reset phone timers and game scores

*#746025625# - Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature "SIM Clock Stop Allowed", it means you will get the best standby time possible

*#7760# - Manufactures code

*#7780# - Restore factory settings

*#8110# - Software version for the nokia 8110 *#92702689# - Displays - 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made, 3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Transfer User Data. To exit this mode you need to switch your phone off then on again

*#94870345123456789# - Deactivate the PWM-Mem

**21*number# - Turn on "All Calls" diverting to the phone number entered

**61*number# - Turn on "No Reply" diverting to the phone number entered

**67*number# - Turn on "On Busy" diverting to the phone number entered

12345 press and hold # - This is the default security code. Lets you switch between lines

*#30# - Lets you see the private number

BE VERY CAREFUL - #666# = Phone explodes

Nov 22, 2006

Bigg Boss Day 20 - Kashmira , Carol , Amit and Aryan hues while Rakhi Rocks

So Day 20 begun with a very very odd thing .. after the whole bunch of fights between Rupali and Rakhi and then Rupali and Carol and Carol and Rakhi with a glimpse of Amit and Aryan conflict .. it seems that the house will never remain calm .. I am just wondering why Marriages are unsuccessful .. you bring 2 people from 2 different culture, Mind Sets etc and then you bug them in one bedroom and then you expect them to leave happiliy ? No wonder why Divorce is so common in the world...

The day as usual begun with the hot hot conversation last night and then the chiiling Bigg Boss Alarm that gets every one dancing up and wake up in real High spirits ...Nonethless it happened I saw Aryan trying to peep into the ladies room to see if he can flickr eyes with Anupama and the romance to get a new high saying see "How Much I Miss you"

This day was a daisy day overall with the boys deciding to cook the breakfast and the girls taking a chance to rest and loiter around completely ... Ravi Kishan and Amit Sadh decided that they will take charge and Deepak Tijori made sure he was there in the race to cook food ... So the cooking started and the Mighty Rahul Roy who is always expecting others to behave was himself only instructing guys to do the work and Yeah truely The Boys have now completely taken over the girlish habbits .. Ravi is the next Gossip Column to be honest .. and the way he said "It feels so good to gossip" is so much funny .. now we can see the real them ..

Amit and Deepak are not so happy by the fact that the girls show attitude when they cook the food and feed them .. so they decided that they will reverse it this time .. and what a pity they cant even cut the onions and tomatoes .. dont know how they act and ramp on the stage ... After the whole 1-5 hrs hard work they were ready with the breakfast and it was a Egg Curry .. Anda Bhurji what we call it here ...

After some time it was Rakhi who started playing the game .. this time it looks like Rakhi is taking the charge from Kashmira .. Rakhi was talking to rupali about the rumour in the house that Rupali is falling for Ravi and that Rupali and Ravi Kishan love each other .. we all know that it is not true .. that Rupali calls her as brother .. but then what Is Rakhi trying to achieve .. you wont believe that Rakhi's bitching appears to me as if she runs the country .... Dont you think the way she was talking about Rupali and then commenting on Carol when she was passing by? Or rather yelling towards Kashmira saying that she is Busy ? Well for them at that moment it is all so common but Guys we can make out how Bitchy it is going there...

Some time later there was a discussion between Kashmira and Aryan about the happenings .. and what a pity there nomination plan inspite of failing on face they are still planning for more .. this time I heard a new thing all together "Chameli" YeahRupali was being called as Chameli ... Before Kashmira could finish Anupama landed up and the bitching took another high ...Kashmira saying that Rakhi is insane and that she talks one thing and does other .. Why Not????? after all Rakhi is not really falling for what Kashmira wants her to do with Amit isnt it ?

Aryan too is pissed about Amit and Rakhi and it seems that Rakhi will sooner or later be in the eyes for nominations ...How Great it is going .. And I am sure you guys are enjoying as I am ...

sometime later Kashmira was talking to Rakhi about the rumours about Rupali and Ravi saying that Ravi is the most dishonest person ... (Godd .. Ravi Kishan might face a divorce when he goes out ).. Rakhi said that inspite of he having a Wife and Kids he has a Girl Friend outside ;) and that Ravi Kishan is not reliable in life at all .. what a plot this time.... I know whats going in the mind of Rakhi and Kashmira .. dont you? Yes .. If there is a clash in Ravi and Rupali on this they can atleast break one vote for sure .. if not Ravi atleast Rupali .. and why not Ravi and Rupali are both big threats to her...
Rakhi is again fun in the noon .. she was trying to mimic about Rahul Roy and Boy she was successful ... Yes she mimiced him in the bets way and that could not make anyone hold the breath it was all laughter in the room .. complete fun Rakhi is sometimes ... Then she inacted Rupali and what a true model it was .. Godd if there is a replacement in the world for Rupali I am sure it will be Rakhi Sawant.

There Big Boss invited everyone in the living room at 5 and asked them to make a group of 2 people each and the task was to Blow the baloon and then apply cream and shave it off .. started by Rupali and Ravi who could only get 1 baloon and then Carol and Deepak who did 2 and the blasting Amit Sadh and Rakhi who fooled around it seems and that the love scene is soon going to take place... finally Aryan and Kashmira .. wow what a pair . A Pair of Dirty Politicians .. and lastly Anupama and Rahul...

The winner was ofcourse Deepak T but I saw one thing that the pairs are Jelling too well.. See Rakhi and Amit .. See Rupali and Rahul .. see Kashmira and Anupama with Aryan alone .. and Carol hitting on Deepak?????

The day eneded on a as funny note as it begin ... Aryan telling Anupama that Ragini had a big crush on her right since day 1 and that she was trying hard on her .. but we all know what it is .. Well Aryan like Anupama called her a dog it seems it is true .. we all saw Aryan hitting hard on both and then fallinf for Anupama just because she was giving her the way and then he came to know that Ragini is not the real celeb ..

See the Game that is happening all over see the patience of the guys and see the tricks they play .. What will happen today when I reach home at 10 .. Lets see...

4:00 in the evening it was Kash

Bigg Boss Day 17 - Kashmira Shah Anupama and Aryan Vaid fall on face

OK so Mondays are never good and like I was describing whats happening in the house ... It seems that there will soon be a tug of war all over. The earlier night was the most romantic time in the Bigg Boss house when Aryan Vaid and Anupama Verma were playing around .. by fire side and Aryan touching her hands and legs and believe me or not spelling all the filmi dialogues that I have heard in the 70s and 80's hindi movies.

Anupama was giggling and there was lot of flirting and gambling happening around... this day started with the fun when Anupama was trying be a hair dresser for Ravi Kishan and they were making witty jokes .. this is fun really Ravi talks laughs out of his mouth ....

There on the other hand Rakhi right in the noon was pissed about Carol and was calling Carol a Donkey then a Monkey then whatever she could in Hindi .. I bet if the Beep censors were not there we could have heard all street slangs correctly ....No wonder this will happen with the conflict that has started between the girls and Carol .. this is expected .. carol had a fight with Rupali earlier just to begin the pain and before it really stopped there is another one that was hinked up between Carol And Anupama and not to stop Carol and Rakhi .. and believe me thats not the end .. the old witchy Kashmira is already against her.

Before Rakhi could stop abusing Carol she took the angle over Ruplai saying that Rupali is the one who licks everyone and wants to butter everyone possible ... this wont stop as the war between Rupali and Rakhi will get momentum with the next weeks eliminations and nominations too...

There on the Other hand when Big Boss called Kashmira in the confession room she said that she is a prey and that people are jeolous to get her out ... while Deepak and Bobby were the poor victims of the politics (Kashmira was the one to nominate both in the respective weeks) Any ways she knows whos behind all this Rahul Roy? Deepak Tijori? Amit? or Aryan himself... you never know whats going there in the mind ...

Rakhi tried all her shows and Item songs and was quite a bit successful to catch the eyes .. specially the way Amit was looking at her it appears that Amit is in Mad love with Rakhi .... Aryan however went to say sorry to Amit Sadh after he could not stop himself from calling Amit a politician and what not ... and this is not all ... they waved and shaked hands and lot of other celeb stuf ...

This is not the end the war is just heating up

Its Carol V/S Anupama the way they fought in kitchen . so if Carol survives this time she will make sure that Anupama gets nominated next week..

There is lot of coming up and Sorry Guys I missed to update the blog for a while

Nov 21, 2006

Professional and Personal Life cant stay on the Same Page

Not long before I have started getting too many comments that My blog is getting confusing .. and that it has too much stuff that is completely un related ... I mean Afghanistan and Lebonan on the heading and Bigg Boss and Agile in the contents?

So before I make it too confusing I am thinking of having multi link and navigatory blog so that I get sections and menus in the blog... for now it will remain shattered till I really update it ..

Any experts have suggestions / comments for this?

Bigg Boss - Finally Kashmira will go out?

Not long before I said that It wont be long to see a nomination for Kashmira ... I dont really understand what happened after the departure of Deepak Parasher from Bigg Boss House that Kashmira really got into the drench ... This time it was the nomination day and when it comes to nominations there's a big Big overhead .. I am not sure how Rupali survived from the nominations probably because she was able to gather some votes for herself from some guys ( Ravi Kishan, Rahul Roy and Amit) but however there was one part of the game that is still not played well....

Aryan and Anupama grouped to vote for Carol Gracias and Yeah ofcourse paired by Rakhi and Kashmira .. however the plan foiled as they could not get 4 nominations for Rahul Roy .. Thanks to Deepak Tijori ...However the second group of this plot that is the Rahul Roy group were successful in getting Kashmira nominated .. probably because of the conversation that took place between Amit Sadh and Rahul Roy with Ravi Kishan and others .. whatever it be the 2 nominations this time for the Bigg Boss house exit are Kashmira Shah you can call her CSH or call her Pri or Priyanka Chopra ... and Carol Gracias .. the Tom Boy in a female .. a very very decent girl just being plotted by the Bitchy act from Kashmira Shah ..

On the other hand the game is now turning interesting as this time the game is going to be changed a bit .. Rakhi received 3 votes .. ofcourse that Plot which I was talking about failed for the 2nd group too .. they could get Kashmira nominated but a discuptcy bought between Aryan , Ragini and Anupama with Rakhi saved the guys to get only Kashmira nominated ...

So now there is a clear war .. Kashmira Group which might soon get broken as she is the One Handed leader deputed by Aryan, Anupama and Rakhi while on the other hand there are 2 leaders Ravi Kishan and Rahul Roy followed by Deepak Tijori and Amit Sadh .. Carol and Rupali might play a role if influenced but for now I think Ragini / Abhi are completely out of the gaming zone I mean the politics ...

I have got my first video ready and I am going to upload something here soon ..

However If you want to read more about Bigg Boss and the Video clips of Bigg Boss with the photos of all the Bigg Boss House mates Stay Tuned to the blog ... And I will make sure you dont get disappointed...

Nov 18, 2006

Big Boss Sucks Ragini , Aryan, Kashmira Beware

With all the happenings around the show with Bigg Boss cotrolling the game and lot of politics and controversies amidst .. the 14th day in Big Boss house was a message day ... Early Morning Ragini was being called in the confession room and messaged by Bigg Boss that the reason why Ragini is in the Game... it was a clear message which I couold derive as if you play well you be in and if not you never know when you will get out .. As far as I think people are not taking Ragini any seriously at the moment .. but todays day was special for her to lot of extent ...

So finally after a Rs 500 budget win last week the Big Boss has given a opportunity to Ragini to think that she has a real chance to convince people in the acting skills and this weeks exercise was to housemates to assume that they are in a foreign country and giving an audition for theie acting Talents ...

Ravi Kishan Kicked it off with an Italian show piece .. And Yes its not a wonder that he is a bhojpuri star ... I was under estimating him untill yesterday I guess .. he is a good star and soon should be in Bollywood if not Hollywood ..specially when Actress like Aishwarya Rai can make it Hollywood with a shitty piece of act why cant someone else ..

There Amit Sadh cam to be a part of Zorro III .. well it makes me feel that model will need to take some time to get into the act really ..

Ashiqui II for him was good .. Rahul wanted to win a heart with his act .. ummmm not so good I would say .. no wonder why he is not in the rocking blast today ...

Carol did something with her Cat Walks and a Super Model act was good only if it was a ramp .. but not really being liked by people and the way Kashmira and Rakhi Made faces it appeared that they are really Jealous of her...

Rakhi Sawant was in her usual mood of a Music Album and a hot hot body show with a hot hot Mirchi Song ...what she was trying was to do a Album with Janet Jackson .. and OMG what does she think its easy to get there? When Irfan first acted on Jolie's film I thought it was an achievement but I realised its a miracle .. What I would tell Rakhi is that you need a Miracle to get there not a exposure of the flesh ...

Anupama was a shit again ... this time trying to play that the Airport authoroties wanted her to get away with the choclates she was carrying .. what a current topic she chose .. in respect to the deadly Air Plane Threats for Terror Attacks across UK .. but all in vein she was not good at all.

Aryan again tried to impress an American chick and he is good at that .. I fear that the love story between Anupama Verma and Aryan Vaid whose real name is Sunil .. will end before they go out ... mind you Carol and Ragini are in the row ..

Kashmira played the twin role of a dead sister .. and Believe me Kashmira Shah .. one is enough for the show .. if we have 2 you will screw up everything with the Bitchy Acts that you are doing

Deepak Tijori invited by Steven Spilberg to copy his movies into Hindi thats what I thought when he made last few of his movies .. shear copy act ...

there Rupali Ganguly who survived from the elimination this time was happy and acted the bargain stuff she usually does in the Sarabhai show .. good but not impressive .. All I would say is she will have to bargain with others to be here..

On the other hand the village girl played by Ragini was good .. she anyways look like one to me ... but it impressed the housemates though not the public ..

Ravi won the Best Actor Award only one not in a bhojpuri film and Carol was not able to leave Ragini behind with her cat walk ...

But the disclosure from Bigg Boss saying that Ragini was the mole set in the house and that since people are convinced that she is a star Bigg Boss thinks that Ragini can now leave as a normal person .. Abhi ???

Deepak Parasher was not well and was let away by Big Boss anyways he is one who gonna be eliminated ... so no worries

There on the other hand Love is playing the tricks in Amit and Rakhi Sawant's life and on the other hand between Anupama and Aryan's life ... She finally confessed Amit about her liking and being sorry to him for all the stuff that happened .. Amit if Neeru is watching the show then you will have a chance to get screwed . your wife Neeru will for sure have a bat in her hand when you return loosing ..

So what will happen next ?

Deepak Parasher will be out?
Rakhi Sawant and AMit Sadh will love each other?
Anupama and Aryan will get married?
Kashmira shah will be able to play her mind games?
What is Rahul Roys next move?
Will Deepak Tijori survive the whole stuff ?
Will Rakhi Sawant be as dumb as she is now?

Read more and I will get the Bigg Boss Video clips soon here ..

Deepak Parashar is out of the House?

So finally after a lot of hail and wail and 2 time nomination Arshad Varsi had announced that Deepak Parasher has to quit .. the fatherly figure of the house who was controlling the house making good food for others and trying to take care of the good old and new friends .. Deepak is being voted out by people ... Well to be honest there is not much to hide .. Deepak doesnt fit in the Big Boss house .. no matter what he is loosing I think he is a honest guy and specially after the speculations of Deepak Parasher is a gay after he chose( or was forced to chose) a bed beside Bobby Darling ..

Amidst come num eyes and some giggles around the Oldest Man in the group is out of the show .. What he achieved so far is not really a question as I think he atleast got to deliver a message to his child .. that he loves her .. I dont know where or who she is but I would like to appeal for Deepak Parasher's daughter .. that come meet your father once .. he is a good guy ..

But what happened on Day 14 Lets read in a while ....

Nov 17, 2006

I want a change ????

How often do we ask this question to ourselves ? Raise your hands ... hahahahah you wont really would you? So thats why the question comes in ... WHen do you really look for a change ? Well for the Head Hunters or IT Job Recruiters I am not a prey for you at this point ... the question has a bigger meaning which is for now out of scope ...

When do we ask for a change?
1. You get up in the morning with a same old dumb ass thought that you have to go back to the same fucking place where your Boss is going to be with a screw driver to try and screw whatever he can...

2. You use the same old toothpaste and brush your teeth ..

3. Use the same Latrine and tissue papers you have being using for years now ..

4. You have the same old breakfast with an omlete and bread or an egg sandwitch or some corn flakes or some juice ..

5. You talk the same old "Bye Honey.. See ya at 7" with your spouse ...

6. You catch the same old 8:02 Train or the 9:35 sub way ... if you drive you use the same car you had being using for years now ..

7. You got to the same office which you have being to since past few months or years ..

8. The moment you reach in you ask your collegues the same old question you had being asking for decades now ... hey dude " How are you?" Or "whats up ?" ..

9. You fucking have the same lunch and get back to home with the same Train and Bus ..

10. You watch the same TV series you ahd being for years now ..

11. You do the same things on weekends you had being doing for years .. or probably your parents are doing for years now ..

12. and You sleep the same time you had being sleeping for ages now ..

13. Finally you have the same amount of sex with your spouse and that too in the same position you had being trying for years ...

So If you give a thought on all this You wont find any different thing in your life .. would you? So when I ask you How many times you ask this question to yourself you say never ?????? That is a fucking idiotic answer ... be honest when you read me .. I am no bloody motivator who is going to change your life in 5 mins .. nor I am going to fucking charge you for reading this .. Nor I am saying that Change yourself to be on top of the world .. So what do I want????

To be honest I dont know .. I just wanna convey that change .. Change Change ...Change the blooody world ... change the way you look at your spouse for one day .. think she is Angelina today and that too without drinking too much of beer ..

Talk to your kids differently one day as you talk to Tom or Dick your old school mates .. Go party with them in an evening when you come home tired after work

Use the Miswak one day instead of your old tooth paste and brush .. use a open land to perform your natural duties .. see how good you feel in the morning when the only thing between you and your natural duty is sky and air ..

Give a nice big hug and hold your spouse in your arms for a day .... and why dont just kiss her and say that the breakfast was fantastic and she looks great ?

Why not go walking , jogging and humping on a bike to office .. why dont you go and take a coffee jar and talk to your boss about how good it is to work with him .. and why dont ask your dude what he had in breakfast today ?

Why dont you take a cab home and take your wife out for a movie and kids to a joggers park .. why dont you sleeep at 12 today instead of 8 .. and why dont you try something different in the bed .. No sex just talks ?

See how good everyone you dealt today will feel ... and if they dont .. you are free to grab hold my balls until I die ... Only If you can catch me .;)

Well but honestly give a thought and see the difference it makes in your life ....See that change it brings to your lifew ... see tha fun you get in the life ..

Boogie Woogie ..

Nov 16, 2006

Bigg Boss - Deepak Tijori In and Rumble in the Bronx

So finally .. when everything looked like going smoothly the arrival of a unknown person in the Big Boss House ( I knew it was Deepak Tijori .. see my post made yesterday) has created a fanatic drama in the house. Lot of Bitching still happening and Indian slangs like "Harami" , "Kameena" "Chudail" and what not .. so the tug of war is still not over ... today is the day of renaissance for a few .. as After deepaks arrival yesterday everyone could see the real face of how back stabbers could be in the world and specially the Page 3 Back Stabbers .. when I first saw Madhu Bhandarkars Page 3 I wasnt very sure that it should be that bad but looking at Bigg Boss it makes you feel true face of the current celeb world..

So when Deepak, Carol, Rakhi and others found Deepak Tijori sleeping in the Ambience they were shocked and then he was greeted with a real warm welcome from All of them .. specially Rahul Roy was too happy as he got the old mate from his first film " Ashiqui" .. Ravi and Rahul were explaining him some of the rules and regulations from the Bigg Boss game and Deepak Tijori who is expalining others about the gamin spirit is trying to get over all of this ..

There on the other hand Aryan and Anupama are bitching around saying that they should plot to get Rahul, Ravi and Carol out first as all 3 are smart and gaining popularity .. while the biggest fool in the game is going to be Rakhi Sawant the biggest Villain in the game show Kashmira is trying to safe guard all her locks ..

Today was the day of the weekly Activity and Deepak the new joiny who will also be called as Baba was the judge .. he made 3 teams Jugglers (Aryan, kashmira and Amit), Ringers (Rakhi, Anupama and Ragini ) , swingers ( Rahul Deepak and Ravi) and walkers (Carol, Rupali) so none of them could last on there acts form a minute and all of them failed to perform in the cirsu act that Big Boss has given them .. however the Clown look for all of them was too funny... I am sure the Bigg Boss photos of Kashmira, Aryan, Amit and Rakhi Sawant will make you dammn happy..

Deepak was not at all biased and he thus failed everyone in the race .. so the budget for this weeks luxury Items was only 500 Rs ...

There on the other hand Aryan and Kashmira shah were warned by the Bigg Boss for playing foul and talking about the nominations and Code language .... so the game is getting funnier and the fools are coming up .. I think when the game is over and if it is being recorded or telecasted again all these guys wont be able to face each other .. hand on hand fingers crossed who will get out this week ?

I think it will be Ravi .. but you never know Deepak's angry looks today might have made the public wild .. Lets wait for Kashmira to get nominated by herself and see how big vote she gets ...Rahul Riy has certainly found a good old mate by name of Deepak Tijori also called Baba .. and then Ravi and Deepak with Amit are all in the row as well .. there on the other hand Kashmira has only got Rakhi who might turn out anytime if AMit signals her ;) and Aryan and Anupama can anytime can group into something else ...

I would say let her be in the game and let the war between her and Rahul Roy come up ... Lets see how the nomination goes today ...

Kashmira Shah and Aryan Vaid Plot Bigg Boss House

Amidst so much of things happening in the Big boss house My first thing to talk about this show is that it will atleast cause one divorce ... or a broken relationship when the show gets over .. Last but not the least the real face of all these guys is flat open in front of the public .. While the celebrities inside think that everything is just in the room they dont know that the camera's and microphones are every where .. and all the Bitchy activities that are bing done ar ebeing viewed by the people ..

While I also know that its not everything that is shown like I think the Big Boss house and Cameras should be kept live on internet for 24 hrs so that people can just log in and watch the fun I am sure it will be a good Idea and enough money for the producers too ... secondly people will come to know the behind the door scenes that are happening as I still think that Bigg Boss is being censored to some or a larger extent I am sure they cant show everything in an hour on Sony or Set Max .. a Live 24 hr channel will also be a good Idea .. OK forget about this ..

Coming back to the plot today there were 3 conspiracy plots that happened in the house .. I group that did this was Rahul Roy and Ravi Kishan .. both were talking about how bad food does Deepak parasher cooks and what not .. and specially how Aryan Vaid is trying to go on and on with Anupama and how kashmira / Rupali and Rakhi Sawant are playing mind games ... but when in front of Deepak Ravi could not stop himself prasing Deepak Parasher who was also being called as a gay by these bunch .. There on the other side at 3:00 AM Rakhi was talking to Kashmira that AMit is giving her signals and that Rakhi loves Amit Sadh ... though Kashmira convinced her to be a part of her plot it seems that Kashmira will first target Rakhi ..

On the other hand Kashmira and Aryan Vaid are the real plotters they have decided upon a code language while calling
Aryan Vaid as Hrithik Roshan
Kashmira as Priyanka Chopra
Amit Sadh as Salman Khan
Carol As Katrina
Deepak Parashar as Anupam Kher
Rakhi Sawant as Bipasha Basu
Anupama as Manager

so as per Kashmira Shah she has already formed a group of Deepak Parasher, Anupama, Aryan , Rakhi and Carol to some exctent as they want to ousten Carol as soon as possible .. and believe me if this group of five come together .. Ravi and Rahul are the first to go and then Amit and Carol...

Well the game will be funnier when the group is broken and Rahul and Ravi already trying to get a control of Amit and Deepak to form another group there to ousten some hot ladies .. While all bitching is going around in this area Carol and Deepak are really playing normal and cool and the poor Rupali hoping that she doesnt get ousted atleast this time ..

Lets see what happens today when Deepak Tijori ( I am hoping he is Deepak Tijori ) joins in today ...

New Entry in Big Boss House

Conspiracy, Plans, Heatups , Cold Wars, Politics, Groupism and above all plots to stay in within all these happenings there is a new Guy who will be taking place of Salil Ankola .. Well when Salil Ankola was out because of being sued by Ektaa Kapoor's Balaji Telefims it appeared that the contest will be reduced but at this point yesterday Bigg Boss substituted Salil Ankola with someone else .. the New Member last night came and slept on a sofa set in the house and it appears that he is none other then the Actor turned producer and Director of several movies Deepak Tijori..

This handsome hunk I am sure will play a role in the current hip hops going on in the House .. I am writig more about the conspiracy theory in my next post about Bigg Boss...

Nov 15, 2006

Being Agile - When do you start a New Story?

The reason I came up with this post is a recent experience where I see developers handling parallel tasks and User story .. Well ofcourse there are Software delivery limitations to it .. but still most of the times this happens because the developer doesnt know if he is finished .. so I thought before the start of the new User story and after the end of the old one ... The developer will need to take care of a checklist just to make sure that he is right on the path and he is not screwing up the project just because he assumes certain things ....

The following is the List of Items that the developer will need to mark before he assumes that the User Story is complete :

1. The code compiles and works perfectly in the local environment.

2. All the automated unit tests are passing and test coverage is between 85% and 100%. (I would say that he really need to think and schedule himself to have JUnits, and Automated Tests)

3. The design is simple and being discussed and reviewed by the Leads and Architects and also uses the fewest classes and methods.

4. The code is well factored and duplication is handled.

5. The code is clean and structured to coding standards.

6. The code is self-documenting and clearly communicates my intentions a the developer.

7. The code is checked-in, integrated (and builds successfully).

8. All the acceptance tests (automated) are passing.

9. The customer has verified that the acceptance criteria have been satisfied. You dont really need to wait for the end of the Iteration to do this .. the moment you have the code in the INT Box just buzz the world about it. After all that is waht agile would be ..

10. Confirm that your DB changes are in place and updated in the schemas.

So while in Agile I would say that these things might help you identify when to think you are finished and when to start ...By far its all about Heads and Borrows.

Nov 14, 2006

Bigg Boss - The Conspiracy Theoram

So now Bigg Boss is getting a real real sharp turn ... this is no more a fair game I guess and the reason it comes as a conspiracy theoram is that there are so many conspiracies boiling out there in the single room ..

Monday was the day of Nominations for the Elimination from the Big Boss house and this time apart from Ravi Kishan who was nominated by default .. this time Rupali Ganguly was added with the last week's Deepak Parasher. Poor deepak parasher after the dismissal of Bobby darling I thought he would be in this time .. specially when people slowly are liking him .. but anyways thats the game ..

Monday wasnt that great except one or 2 incidents where Rakhi Sawant and Amit Sadh share a very very different chemistry ... Yeah it appeared that Rakhi Sawant has started liking Amit Sadh and that he hates her ... the stuff doesnt end here as Amit was discussing the negations about Rakhi to the collegues specially Ravi and Rahul Roy ..

There on the other hand Kashmira Shah is playing mind games I think she is also liking someone .. maybe Aryan or Amit ... and the issue is that she knows she has to conspire to nominate someone that will make her place safe ... so who is it ? Rahul Roy ? Or Rupali Ganguly ? or Carol ? So Kashmira got a intution that Rahul or Carol might be a threat to her in winning the Big Boss show ... specially when she was discussing the same with Rakhi earlier ...

Kashmira's shrewd game tactics might not be able to take her through as she doesnt know that whether or not you do what the public is going to vote .. and the public will vote on the basis of what they see ... with the shrewd game tactics I think this will be tough and tough in the later stage .. there Rahul Roy is playing a safe game to convince people to nominate ones that are going to affect him next week .. I like his game planning he is thinking short term goals...

So finally yesterday after the fights and romances today was a game day where the whole bunch was divided in 2 teams 1 was lead by Rakhi and the other by Kashmira ... Rakhi's team had rahul,Deepak, Carol, Rupali and Anupama while the other team was Amit, Kashmira, Aryan, Ravi, Ragini.. Rakhi was smart enough to find 8 soft balls that were hidden in the room while the other team could only manage 3 ..

While all this was happening Rakhi committed that she had changed completely and all agreed (Carol, ragini,rupali and rakhi) that Kashmira was a B** and that she was playing mind games ... the fact that Kashimira noticed that all the girls were talking about her she could not stop herself from targetting Aryan and Amit and play a negative about Rakhi and Rupali ..

Late night she caught Rakhi and was conspiring about Amit .. while all of this is happening you wont believe that Aryan and Anupama are still together and trying to gel well... I guess when Aryan Vaid goes out he will be linked or engaged to Anupama ... Poor Ragini cannot do much and people are all missing Salil Ankola...

Ektaa Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms conspiracy is less powerful then the one that is being played around in the Bigg Boss house .. so dont forget to see the next episode ..

Nov 13, 2006

Lindsay Lohan going to rock at World Music Awards 2006

So while the Hot new awards are all inline .. this time I think the world gonna rock the beats across 160 countries with around 200+ channels who are going to show the World Music Awards 2006 Live on November 15th 2006 .. while some will have to still wait to see the real hot chicks and rappers perform on November 22nd the stage is however all set ...

With Lindsay Lohan to host , Beyonce , Michael Jackson going perform on the Award day it appears that the whole of the award ceremony with the whle ambience is going to rock... I would say that this is a huge huge opportunity for lindsay lohan to perform on the World Music Awards ... however the steal the show material Beyonce and Michael Jackson are there .. not sure if Shakira is going to shake the hips .. but I am sure it is going to be the fun hit show .. the Other celeb stars to be present at the London Court is Bob Sinclair .. yeah the same guy who had tasted cool success...

While Others to be on the presenter podium will be Paris Hilton .. after the same old sex controversy it appears that she is a bit out of it ... Denise Richards .. and Eva will be the others on the presenter group...

WHile some of you will be finding it difficult to find a place after today just in case if you need any names and contact details I have listed them down below:

181-183 Cromwell Road,
London UK
+44 0207 244 2000

Blakes Hotel
33 Roland Gardens
+44 0207 373 2144

Enjoy Lindsay, Michael Jackson first time in UK and Beyonce to her best ...

Apna Sapna Money Money Give me a Break Honey

The real cool hype from the newspaper reviews drew me towards the multiplex .. It was a not so exciting experience watching the movie as a whole .. One thing after the movie that can be derived is that Priyadarshan doesnt really changes theme and the climax ... in the recent past all his movies are someway or the other focussed towards Money, Lottery, Diamonds and a climax where people are runing after each other to get something let it be Money, Diamonds or even the symbol of Indian Married women a Mangal Sutra ...

The Movie starts with a High-SoHigh Jackie Shroff who I really think is the Indian Fashion Logo .... at this age he is still stunning with the stylish looks ... Jackie (Carol) who is a Mafia and is badly under debt .. dont know how .. wants to get his diamonds worth 50 crores which are now being transferred to her girl Sania (Celina Jetley)... it looked like the only money she got from the director is to show her tanned legs and lot of cleavages and thighs .... The only Fear Carol who is sitting in Malaysia has is Inspector Na-Mane (Suneil Shetty) who plays the same Idiotic role of a police officer as he played in his super hit Gopi Kishan .. not to be mentioned he is being demoted for not finding Carol and his deals earlier in his career by his chief Avtar gill ..

There on the other side a Garage Mechanic Arjun (Shreyas Talpade) who stays with his few friends and the hot looking Koena Mitra .. with her sexy looks all over the movie also got money to show her body .... plays a Singer who needs money to get her album and stays in a low profile area with Arjun.... So when there is a Hero and a Best friend there has to be a love story and If its a Priyadarshan Movie then you need a confusion .. so Shivani (Riya Sen) cool and decent who is a daughter of a narrow minded pundit Shastri (Anupam Kher) who doesnt like Arjun at all...

The twist is that Arjun has a little gilr staying around who is suffering from some vulnerable desease that doesnt allow her to play or run ... and Arjun calls for Kishan (Ritiesh Deshmukh)who is the fraud and haad looted Gorkha (Chunkey Pandey) back in Goa and who are trying to find him to kill him ends up in a train where Shivani's would be father in law is travelling ... and Yeah not to forget Na-Maane knows that Sania is also travelling in the same train from Goa to mumbai ... Kishan fools around the would be father in law and hands him over to the gorkhas and gets in Sanias compartment where Na-Maane comes and Sani hides her diamonds in Kishans Bag ..

Kishan reaches as the father in law here and fools around Shastri to reject the relation because of bad habits of him and Carol thinks Sania who is arrested by police has cheated him so he appoints a wanna be don Maata Prasad (Rajpal Yadav) there Kishan runs off and to escape the gorkahs who have come here to mumbai to find him gets back to Arjuns house this time as a female ... Shastri Likes him and falls in love with him ... while Maata thinks that he is the same Sania that Carol wants and the gorkha gang hijacks the same .. goes in a round and round fight finally to get the hands over the diamonds to the police where ritesh steals one diamond for the climax to save the small kid ...

Over all the faboulos performance from Ritesh as a girl and overall and the mimic of Amitabh's Sarkar from Rajpal Yadav are the chilling effects of the movie ..
Shreyas and Riya sen look cool and charming over the movie and is a average performance ... Celina Jeitley, Suneil Shetty, Avtar Gill, Koena Mitra and Anupam Kher are good wherever they are ....

Nice Music but it appears that I have heard it somewhere .. lol (Celine, Khaled) so finally its not only english music from Anu Malik now its Arabic as welll...

Overall the movie is a 3 star watch once kind...

Big Boss - Bobby Darling eliminated

With a awesome Bash right outside the Bigg Boss destination III in a grand studio was the fabolous looking Arshad Warsi ... giving a brief about the Bigg Boss happening all through the week .. and what a raw fun it was ... Never felt like I am watching the re-telecast as the way it was being put and the reactions that came from the friends and family members of the Bigg Boss gamers ...

This reality show is really gathering some popularity with the advent of the Salil Ankola episode where his legal matter (Ektaa Kapoor notice and High Courts restraining him ) and then later a elimaination go ahead where Bobby or Deepak's fate was in hands .... is really causing cooling effect...

I remember when the first time I applied Cool Burner .. the same effect in this reality show can be experienced ... hahaha ...

So the family reactions about Salil Ankola were really touching dont know if they were real or not .. but whe it appeared in front of the TV it seemed that he had effect ... The coolest guy from the Show was out ... and Now with several TV Stars and celebrities wanting to eliminate Bobby Darling was not different then the public view and finally yesterday after a week Boobby darling was eliminated and is now out of the show just to watch the fun happening in the Bigg Boss show with the world .. and curse the guys who nominated her/him ..

After Big Boss's decission to nominate Ravi Kishan(Ravi Kissen) who used the most vulnerable language it appears that he has the max chances to go out of the show .. 2 weeks for him will be safe ... though Deepak Parasher looks like he is earning the respect now for his fatherly behaviour(This behaviour is really not apprewciated by most of them still) the competioton will go wild when the second nomination will come through ...

So far the show is rocking and with Shahid Kappor, neha dhupia, Rakhi Sawant and many others excellent feedback it is still going to rock the show ..

Nov 11, 2006

Agile and My Speed

Well Its Actually not My speed but it is the speed I am going to think in a Agile environment ... I dont really know If I am a slow Thinker neverlest have I got that kinda response ... but anyways the reason I talk about speed here is most of the agile projects somewhere or the other move into a terrible slow mode .. be it thinking, executing, developing or whatever ... anything else but Thinking I think can be easily covered ....

But this is not a case with a Project Manager or a Scrum Master only .. you will find this issue with every single guy who is involved into a software project ...
Basically, when working with software, thinking takes as long as it takes and there's nothing you can do to think more quickly.

So what do we do to make sure that we work faster and think quickly at the same time .. believe me when you ahve to work faster you cant think correct ;).. My Personal experience says that Under Pressure we all suck.... But I realised that we somehow overcome this issue when being Agile .. Let it be working late, Deferring non critical issues or eliminating the time waste ...

I think that the biggest worry for the Indian Software Engineers or to that matter Indian IT worker is the wastage of time .. tea, Coffee, Gossips, Lunch , Snacks, Non required Meetings and un-necessary phone calls or whatever somewhere or the other they waste around 40% of there productive time doing the crap ... Well ofcourse if they are working 8-9 hrs then believe me they just produce 20% (Average Ratio .. dont buzz me for this please)

In an Ideal scenario I would say elimination of waste time should be a part of the Iteration or Project Plan ... The Software workers(thats the real term that hurt them ;)) can for sure get frustrated if the amount of time wasted in a project duration is too high ... (Blame Your Project Manager if you wanna get out is the right attitude). My recommendation is that there certainly has to be a control over the folowing things ..
1. Switching the Tasks
2. Waiting for response
3. Un-required processes
4. Un required documentation
5. Un Used features
6. Un wanted Team members

These elements eat most of the software development time ... If this is being worked upon I think the Software projects following the Lean Development Approach will definately work perfect ...

Deferring non-critical work is certainly as important as it is to kickoff the Iteration involving the whole Team ... In Extreme Programming where a onsite customer or a product owner in the Srum is used to prioritise the work by business value, and the development team selects the amount of work equivalent to their velocity from the highest business-value items. My take on this is that this needs to be decided right on the day Go whether it is critical or not and be deferred righ away ....

"I was in the office till 2:00 AM last night" this is the most commonly used word across the software development world ... atleast in India in the short-term, working late can boost productivity but in the longer term excessive hours cannot be sustained. When you work late for extended periods your personal life and your health are not the only things to suffer. More directly, your concentration levels, your ability to focus and think clearly, and your attention to detail deteriorate and ultimately degrade the quality of your work. This style of working rapidly becomes a negative spiral.

While Extreme and Scrum has a all together different approach they both try to derive one thing from this that you should work only as many hours as you can be productive and only as many hours as you can sustain.

So if the projects are run considering some of the above facts it will for sure be of great help to the Drivers of the Projects ... ofcourse I fall under the crime level 3 as for now ... and am really thinking hard to change the intutive appraoch I take being long at work ... I hope that makes my Boss Happy :D

Borat and a lawsuit

After a $26 million first week .. it seems that the movie with a difference is going to be under controversy .. I am not so keen to know what the controversy is about nor I am going to write much about it here .. but the fact that the Movie is made is a real real different and Unique concept .. we share that view and Idea here in India and I always wanted to do something like that ... but anyways he wins who pick the Idea first ...

so talking about Borat ... Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan thats what they call when they had this in mind .. so talking about the Movie the Star of the movie Sacha Baron Cohen ... the one guy who talks to ordinary people in different and awkward situations and who acts as a journalist and travel all over United States ...

Well ths sunds exciting with the way it is being released and the popularity chart balsting all over I see that it has to except something like this .. talking about this lawsuit that is being filed by 2 students who were cammed in this in a drunken situation and who appear to have made some racist and sexist comments in the documentary are taking care that 20th century Fox and other 3 production houses are also in the defiance stage ...

Whatever it be Borat has got the ball pining ... and I am sure it will earn to the potential ... controversies will always be there ... well done Mr. Cohen

Salil Ankola Quits Big Boss

Its only a week old show and it is already earning lot of TRP .. this SHow called Bigg Boss on the Sony TV is now going to be more in limelight not because of the way the show is but the controversy that it is going to create ... Yesterday Salil Ankola had to quit Big Boss after the Bombay High Court passed a injunction restraining Salil Ankola from being in the Bigg Boss show until Balaji Bigg Boss Ekta Kapoor allows ..

Yeah the reason the controversy had occured is that Salil Ankola is said to be in pact with Ektaa Kapoor/ Jitendra's Balaji Telefilms and had signed a contract with them when he first started acting in a Tele Series called Kasturi ... So there is no chance but Salil has to go out of the show ...

It was all dramatic when the Big Boss called for Salil Ankola and said that are you under going any legal matter when said Yes his Big Boss conveyed that your wife is out and wants to talk to you on that ... after a word with her he decided to quit the show ... It was a sad news for the Bigg Boss watchers as we are loosing a star who could have being a cool customer in winning the show .. but unfortunately he is not going to be in back .... Ravi Kishan who praised that Ankla is lucky when he was about to quit and lot of other guys just saying that he is too lucky ... The Bigg Boss nominated another Superstar for the eleimaination this time it was the bhojpuri star of the film Ganga Yea..... ravi Kishan was nominated to be eliminated from the show for the abusive language and complains to the big boss that he is missing his family ...

I would say this nomination will be fair for him as he seems to be really depressed and missing the family ... Lets see if Bobby Darling and Deepak Parasher would survive because of Salil Ankola's departure from the reality show ... Will Ravi Kishan want and get to go out walking happily from the show? All this today and ofcourse back from Monday

However within all this a good thing happened that Big Boss invited Shahid Kapoor the Bollywood young dude whose recent movie Vivah is making some mark in the cine world .. to be a part of Big Boss show .. he was there to see and help the guys perform a marriage scene ... and what a bash it was Aryan Vaid and Ruplai with Deepak and Ravi Kishan were all good .. Kashmira was faboulous in her role .. and not to forget Rakhi Sawant ... no matter what she do .. it is surely going to be a controversy ....This scene could not make Shahid Kapoor laugh .. but he was having a laughing blast looking at the performances .. I dont believe most of these are TV stars ... specially the model Carol was too funny in her role ...

Later Bigg Boss allowed some gifts that were sent to the members by there families .. everyone got something or the other and they got emotional specially Amit when he got a letter and a photograph from his wife Neeru ...

So its all happening now in Bigg Biss and now I could find the re-telecast time Yeah its 1:30 when they re-telecast the show .. and Now I am surely going to watch that if I miss the regular ...

Bigg Boss you rock .. Kashmira and Rakhi all the Best to you if you can avoid this weeks nomination .. and Yeah Rahul Roy and Aryan Vaid would be soon in tact /

Nov 10, 2006

Terror Alert

So the so called Al-Qaeda Terror Alert is raised for all the Airports in southern India .. what I dont really understand is why is the alert in south India only? So looking at the history there are several so called terror activities happening in and around south ( kerala. Karanataka, Andhra Pradesh) so most of the activities and suspects so far being tackled in the south it is said that they have made a strong base there .. so finally I would say that Al Qaeda with JeM and Lashkar-e-Toiba are trying to intrude My Pure good nation..

This time the alert comes from Qaeda directly as said by the police and it is said that the security is drastically increased on all the Airports .. I would say that they dont have to wait till the Threat .. just damm make sure that No F***king terrorist ever thinks of coming near an airport .. what I think is though Last years bill saying that the Airplanes will be bought down if there is a Hi-Jack I doubt it is as good as that ... They would still for sure try to manipulate things .. either by giving a chance to the terrorsist or something else ..

To cleanup the threat I would say bring down the root .. Use the techniques used by Mosad let it be cruel but atleast the intelligence is best .. you can track these things down way before they happen ..

while the Countrys big part is still on alert I dont see any reason people should not travel ..

Saddam to be Hanged End of January?

Well while the Bushes are getting slaps one after the other right on the face left and right through the election results for the senate and the House of representative in the mid term elections .. the Iraqi gang is scheduling the quick results so as to get rid of the Most Powerful Man turned hostage from Iraq...

As per the new Law made by the Junkies???? the deatch sentence in Iraq has to be executed withing 30 days from the judgement .. Not sure if there is a chance of another appeal but Damm is going to be cared by Saddam Hussein.. He is ready to be killed (Getting killed is much better than facing the most fanatic humiliation from the occupants).. the only problem in the sentence he has is the way it is going to be executed .. he wants to die a soldiers death .. and ofcourse I think he will be projected or He is really a Martyr and someway or the other he will be the HERO .. the Hero who fought bravely for his land ...

So coming back to the sentence it is close to be decided that end of january 2007 will be end of the Biggest Hero of the Sunni Muslim world... The day is not set yet .. lets hope that he gets out of this somehow .. but whatever happens to him .. Bush is surely going to faill.. fail badly on every front...

Saddam's reign flewed down but Bush will not be spared .. the only Fear I have is that Bush doesnt screw up the whole economy just for his foreign agenda .. another war before his term will screw the asses of all the Americans for sure .. whether you are republican or Democrat Taxes are a load to everyone for sure ...

Lets hope America falls in safe hands soon.

Big Boss - Turning the Indians sexy

So yesterday was not much happening except for a few fights between Deepak Parasher and Kashmira shah and a few cries and hues by Rupali yet again .. I would say its all heating up for the War that is soon going to take off either Bobby Darling or Deepak out of the fray .. most likely it is Boby darling as I see all the members hating him/her already and not many people even liking deepak .. but its the public and the sympathy never goes to the Male as I understand though Bobby has a advantage of being a half male :d ..

The only concerning point is that you dont know what to do with the SMS .. I thought it was voting to keep someone in until yesterday when I had sent around 10 SMS to get Deepak Parasher out when I realised that it is voting to ousten someone ..

Other problem with the Big boss is the schedule there is no re-telecast or telecast schedule available anywhere .. and I am so pissed that I have to stay late and I really dont get to watch the show again and again :d

I am hoping tha Big Boss will be allowing the guys to do some shopping in a Veil.. but lets see first who goes out of the competition ..

While the Indian Sex girls are rocking . Yeah I am talking about Rakhi Sawant, Kashmira Shah, Anupama and Ragini .. the boys are heating up specially Aryan to plan kids with Anupama..

God Bless them

Nov 9, 2006

Britney is Single again

So after a 2 year old fun marriage Britney has decided to call of the day with the not so hot dude of Hollywood .. Kevin Federline .. the Guy who is turning out more traffic on blogs than his concert that happened last weeekend ... to the pity this divorce news came to him only by a Text Message (SMS) when Britney called off the day and said Good Bye ..

Kevin who these days is trying to be a rapper was fliming for his canadian music channel assignment and who is already burdened with the failed concert on weekend and the chicago concert tickets being given away by the TicketMaster.....

About Britney spears .... who was lately seen shopping around the Big Apple is going to pay $30,000 per month to the wanna be rapper for 1 year and is looking forward for a custody of both the kids..

Sean Preston 1 yr and Jayden James 2 months will be too unlucky to miss the father as Britney decides to Ice skating a few days later with the X Manager Larry Rudolph who was being sacked by the Pop star when they got married ...

Nov 8, 2006

Big Boss - Fashin Show in the Fashion Week

So while the Indian Fashion world is glamoured and the fashion week is happening in India with lot of new stuff pumping in and people looking at fashion as a necessity now ... the Big Boss team is busy in there act of premision ...

Todays day started with a pissed off Salil Ankola talking about bobby darlings attitude and Deepak Parasher busy thinking about his own fate in Big Boss house ... This day was not enough when Big Boss let the guys go without yielding milk from the cow that was kept there ,.... some time at the breakfast there was a clash of words between the Indian sex Diva Rakhi aka Rakhee Sawant and the Sarabhai girl Rupali Ganguly .... the reason was that Rakhi was fasting and wanted to have a chapati ... after the clash happened Rupali could not control her eyes and started weeping and discussing her pain with Deepak Parasher this time .. (last time it was Ravi Kishan).. and Rakhi with her best mate Kashmira Shah ..... finally Rupali steppend in and cleared off the hassle with Rakhi ... pity I guess ruplai is trying to gain some sympathy with the people and the mates there .... like Bobby darling ofcourse ..

Later the day Ravi Kishan was busy bullshitting about the astrology knowledge he had and was throwing all possible shit one could at Deepak Parasher , Amit and Ragini ... while he was busy with this Aryan yet again was in his flirting mood this time with Kashmira / Anupama .. and Rakhi as usual playing her horrified pranks on Amit Sadh ...

Later in the evening the Bigg Boss invited everyone in the room and explained them the rules as many of the guys were breaking these rules too frequently ...

The vening was a fun time .. A Ramp walk was done for all the guys Males first and then females ... and each of the ramper was asked a question by the opposite group ... the winner was definately Rupali Ganguly and Ravi Kishan for the decent answers and dress up ...

Rakhi and carol were just to vulgar and rakhi doing here regular vulgarity exposure and Kashmira shah and other girls just trying to hop out by a so very causual walk .... however Aryan did not forget to flirt with Anupama too and the question asked was how do you make sure you give time to the new friends ;)

Democrats Party while Bush tries foul

So finally after 1994 its a Democratic day of the Super Powers well Democracy here only means that the Democrats won.... after the long 6 year old mismanaged and dictated reign of President George W Bush...

With Virginia and Montano both going to Dems its clear majority for them in both houses now .. things dont stop here there are lot of happenings still waiting .. the first in the bucket is already out

Donald Rumsfield sacked and Mr. Gates is the new Defence Secratary .... Well thats the second foul the president played to try play to get some sympathy and votes of the Americans to the pity it didnt worked as the Iraq Lie did ...

So now Mr. Bush accepts his loss and the control is ready to be moved to Mrs Clinton.. lets see what new direction the dems have for Iran, N. Korea and Iraq ... forget about America the last few presidents did not even thought about it ...

USA Mid Term Election Results - Senate and House

So I thought I would give you some graphs and polls and some interesting charts to discuss the Mid Term Election results .. I am sure you are watching the CNN and BBC to get them all but this blog will tell you a bit too

While California is in the Hands again ...with Arnold being still holding the key it looks like the Senate and House are moving towards the Democrats

here are the California results/trends/leads so far :


Senate : Are 49 were 44
House : Are 232 were 202


Senate : Are 49 were 55
House : Are 203 were 232

while others got in a considerable share in the Senate it is surely going to be a tough fight ahead for the Senate ...

NYC comes next ......

Big Boss - The day of War

Well I missed almost 35 minutes of the show today and when I landed up in front of the Idiot Box it was already 10:30 PM ... so when I went I saw the regular stuff .. Yeah Aryan Vaid this time trying his flirt act on Ragini and Rakhi Sawant was as susual in her dancing mood this time with a Saree and a bikini inside .. later in the show a strange thing came up ..

They were talking shit about each other the cool and mool Salil and Rupali probably felt too bad about it ... Ruapli was crying on the cam saying she is not a typo girl that would stab at the back ... Ravi who is another guy with principles wwas giving her some good advice ... but the stabbing on the back by Anupriya and Rakhi is going to hurt .. I think the next person to go out is Anupriya and Amit ...

While Big Boss is enjoying the happenings so are you and me .... they finally got the first share of chicken ... alrite guys I think its too late for me and I have to catch up the series this time .. donn wanna miss it today so whatever it be I am off ..

Keep reading as today is going to be fun all over ...

Senate and House results 2006

OK so after the fiery election campaign and a heatup for "GO F** George" punchword .. the midterm election results are out and there you go as expected the Democrats rule ... Yeah they are doing great for now .. so the country is again going to the much safer hands (I hope so).. not much to discuss here until Virginia and Montano decides who will rule the Senate .. for now I think the House is in the safe hands ....

So even if you Hang Saddam or you do anything Mr. Bush you not going to get the republicans win easy .... Only thing that can save you is "Laden" go get him ...

Rude Aussies Calm Power

The Powerhouse of Indian Cricket was insulted by the most fanatic and erratic Aussie team on sunday .. the incidence happened during the presentation ceremony of the Champions Trophy held on 5th November in Mumbai ...

After a smashing , mushing and chopping of the west indies batting order by Bracken, McGrath and Shane Watson for 138 runs and then the pouring rain which was having plans to wash out the aussies efforts to win the first Champions Trophy ... fortunate enough their hard work payed.. The Best Part of the final was the kangaroos on the field to clear the water on the outfield and Yes Thanks to Mr. Sharad Pawar that he had got everything arranged for the wrst like the heavy pour on sunday .. because of which the game atleast ended in a result.

So coming back to the Presentation ceremony the patient aussies with the Champions Trophy which could not be theres for more than 1 occasion were eager to get a hand on it and that is quite much understandable ... but while the Power House of Indian Cricket who made BCCI the richest cricket board in the world .. to the pity of the aussies the BCCI is richer then ACB more than double the value .. was holding the trophy to handover to the winning captain the camera's sighted Ponting signalling Mr. Sharad Pawar to get the trophy quickly to him and the way he was doing it was more than rude for sure... this was not enough to finish the story of the nudgy and crappy kanagaroos when damien martyn hand held and pushed Pawar (dont forget to see damien martyn in lower case) out of the rumble .. to get a Team photo with the trophy ... and see what a pity .. the best Team in the world doesnt have manners and is so rude not even having senses to respect...

Mr. Sharad Pawar was calm and there is no statement from him yet .. What a Mature Man he is ... he understands the circumstances ... thought the whole nation is wild on this there is just a mini statement from the Australian cricket board saying that the incidence will be investigated ...

I demand Apology from Ponting and Martyn a written and a public apaology for the misbehaviour and would say that the ICC takes care of this after all its the ICC panorama where lot more of senior guys like Mr. Sharad Pawar are going to come to award people...

This is all my opinion and really dont want to hurt anyone .. if you are offended by anything here please email me at

Nov 7, 2006

Big Boss - The New Shahenshah of the Reality Show

Nach Balliye , Jhalak Dikhlaja , Lil Champs .. so all are gone now .. I cant take my eyes off the screen when I watch the Sony TV Mon-Thursday 10-11 PM and then on friday 9 PM .. dont ask why ,..... if you are in India and have SONY TV enabled for your cable connection you wont get rid or wont be able to get rid of this ...

Yeah so I quite liked the whole concept when the series says that 13 celebrities 1 house 3 months , One person to control your activities , several hidden cameras to tap your actions and non contact with outside world ... woooooo .. what a life ... but hey dont be so happy after I saw a last few serials in a row I coudnt stop laughing .... So the Big Boss is really a Big boss he is just doing it right ...

So let me introduce you the panel of 13 celebrities who are going to be tied down for 3 mths from outside world and the prize would definately be a grand grand cash cheque .. Yeah no one knows the amount ...

A reality- based soap that is a pot-boiler of drama & emotions, that forms the main ingredient of popular soaps, in fact further this is all real and unscripted making for pure drama. There is no one or nothing bigger than Bigg Boss. He is omnipresent - he is everywhere, watching your every move and nothing escapes his watchful eyes. Without a place to hide, these 13 hand picked celebrities will live under one roof for 3 whole months, under very stringent house rules and no access to the outside world. Taking you through the journey of your favourite celebrities and their lives in the Bigg Boss house is the Big Boss's chosen henchman Arshad Warsi. Having been chosen by Bigg Boss he had no choice but to do his bidding. And he swears to give you no choice but keep you glued day after day. It's your only chance to get a voyeuristic peek into the lives of your celebrities as never seen before. Bigg Boss is the Indian adaptation of the international format show Big Brother.

So who are the lucky 13

1. Rakhi Sawant - I call her the Indian Sex (Controversy Diva).
2. Rahul Roy - An Old Hit Super Star of Bollywood .. now seen on the silver screen rarely
3. Kashmira Shah - Another hip hop Hottie from the Idiot Box
4. Salil Ankola - Cricketer turned TV Actor turned Cricket coach a real all rounder I would say and a cool guy
5. Bobby Darling - Fun .. the only Gay in the list
6. Aryan Vaid - Model and a biggest flirt I have ever seen ... he is flirting top down on the show ;)
7. Ravi Kissen - Bhojpuri Star.. the Big B likes him too.
8. Amit Sadh - Another model turned TV Star just got in relationship wioth purva
9. Roopali Ganguly - Cutie girl in the Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai
10. Deepak Parashar - Oldie Superstar of the Bollywood who was never really a superstar but now on the idiot box
11. Carol - A Hot piece of work .. a real super model ... she is cute
12. Anupriya - TV Star and model .. but dammn she is shrewd ...
13. Last but not the least .. The Big Boss girl .. Ragini .. they declared that she is going to be the BB mole in the group and is sent there to keep an eye on all of them.. she was introduced as a South Indian Film Star...

Soo all of them are in one room now and it is 7th November .. I am about to loose my office to get on the screen to watch them rock..

bye bye .. talk to you about BB later

Nov 6, 2006

Agile Again with User Story this time

SO I have stopped hammering my head now thinking about WTF is a User Story's role in Agile ... ok or Let me put it this way WTH is a User Story?

So talking about a user story which I had banged my head to when I was thinking about it is nothing but a:

1. Unique unit of piece of functionality that is visible by means of progress to customer himself.
2. Is a content which doesn’t talk about the business at all.
3. contains the description of the functionality that will be developed in the Agile Iterations/ Incremental development.
4. Makes up the details of the functionality.
5. Tells you what should be present in the developed functionality in the form of Acceptance Tests.

So when we say that the User Story forms a part of agile and acceptance tests form a part of User story I say that the Customer puts all his thoughts and expectations to the User Story and tries to put in all his requirements in the acceptance tests to make sure that he get what he wants ... I quite liked the way the User stories are written up until the last Harvest meeting I did where I was expecting that User stories to contains some minute level details.. Well Sorry guys I was newbie then...

The other important part of the User story is that it should be understandable by both the Customer and the developer... well why? How the hell will he develop if he doesn’t know what he has to do...?

A User story plays an important role so as to let the Project Manager/Scrum Master take a decision on the priority of the Unit and the business value of it before really taking a step on developing it...

Coming back to who should really write the User story... I was always against having the end user really write the User story... you know the reason? 9 out of 10 times I have experienced that the end user is never sure of anything
2. He is not the right guy to do it...
3. He looks more of usability and feel then functionality and re-usability...

So who really it has to be?
1. Business Analyst
2. Product Manager if you have any...
3. Business Analyst if there is one
4. The Program Manager

OK guys if you come from a pure Agile background then please don’t misunderstand Program Manager and Product manager... they are different entities... Ideally the Business Analyst the Customer Product Manager usually writes the score...but it depends as I have seen Project Managers / Scrum Masters writing the User stories some times .. Well that’s not a Sin to be honest... if your Scrum Master/Project Manager is a product maestro then he can be more effective then the Product Analyst...

So that’s all about the User Story ... I also think that wire frames and screenshots don’t really play a major in a User story... to some extent I think they shoudnt be there unless really really required ... I would say that really really means like when you need to get a condom if you are planning sex with your Girl friend and she is close to her outrole period...

Alrite so I am getting a bit naughty here ... Yeah why Not I compare Work with Sex always ...

Ok if you really continue to have patience knowing more about Agile I am gonna write more coming few days when I go for the product release and a bit of Harvesting period...

Ciao till then.....

Nov 5, 2006

Long Live Saddam .. Long Live Iraq

So finally my boiling blood could not take any more resistance and my feelings are here on the paper... OK for all those who are new and few to me I am not a Anti-American or a Hardcore Islamic Fundamentalist...I am just a normal person who has some brains and emotions .... while I know that the post is going to hurt someone I really apologize as I am not writing about you as a Nation .. I am writing about the Nation with faulty foreign policy ...

The Great Great Arab Leader of all time finally got a Death Sentence and that too just when the Elections are near and the campaigns heating up in States .. If you say this is coincidence then you talk shit ... Its not for me ..

Saddam his half brother and a few others got the decission for the Dujjail massacre in Iraq so called masterminded and implemented by Saddam and Party .. If you are outside America or Occupancy group then its a Most sadistic news to hear (Specially for the Arabs and the devloping nations)...Yeah the simple reason is 24 yrs this nation was one of the most developing nations surviving not on any nations pieces of bread... Yeah they were self dependent for 24 yrs and made the most of there nations until the Occupants ransacked the country ... not really country I would say countries... SO all this for what ?

1. OIL
2. OIL
3. OIL
Yes its a war for OIL.. you dont need to do many investigations or thinking to conclude this .. Iraq was (I dont know if its still) the second largest Oil generating nations .. and how can it fit in the good books of George Bush Jr. that some other nation is 1st or 2nd in the world for something that is so important for them.. not to forget that Saudi Arabia is first and they are already half occupied by America .. under the shit name of friendship..

So talking about Saddam Hussein I would really like to condemn the sentence .... the biggest injustice done to a nation a nationality and I would say to humanity by the so called forces who want to make the world a peace .. Iread so much about Iraq and Saddam before the occupancy happened and post occupancy things have changed ,, the media is being asked to change to prove that Saddam is the Villain .. but NO he is NOT .... He is the Greatest Hero of the Arabs .. The Arab world think it or not .. the islamic world take it or not .. He is the Greatest Hero of the world .. Saddam Hussein you gave the inspiration to the world to fight injustice \.... no matter you loose or win you had courage to do that ...

I am glad that I am a citizen of a country that has never occupied ... God punich the Devils group forces and Long Live Saddam .. Long live Iraq...