Oct 26, 2006

Women now licensed to exploit Men - I

OK.. So not much had being talked about this lately ... but Indian Law is going to give enough rights to women (married or in-livin relationships) to screw their partners / in laws and anyone possible ... How???? Dont ask .... The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 which was cleared by the honourable President of India in September Last year is now ready to be executed ... a directive given by the Ministry of women and child development (WCD) India has issued a notification to enforce this law across India .. and to the pity of those troubled husbands ... their partners are now legalised to screw them and their families ..

Now why I am talking about this here in my Blog? So while I was checking the facts about Women abuse it was noticed that India ranks third in the number of cases registered for women abuse all over(Most of them are dowry and related harrasement cases). So cming back the law it now looks like the women are going to get a upper hands on men with this law .. atleast many of them now know how they can easily screw up there husbands or specially in laws. Well this law is a real turf for Men as I dont think lot of real true abuses come from Men in the urban area .. well thats what the police figure says atleast.. but thats a pity fact that many of these cases are already registered for harasisng the husbands and in laws .. So what does this law mean to everyone?

▪ Under the new law notified by the ministry, domestic violence will include actual abuse or the threat of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic.
▪ Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands on the woman or her relatives also comes under this definition.
▪ The law will cover those women who are or have been in a relationship where both parties have lived together in a shared household, and are related by marriage or adoption.
▪ Preventing one's wife from taking up a job or forcing her to leave job are also under the purview of the Act
▪ One of the most important features of the Act is that it also provides a woman a right to reside in the matrimonial and shared household, whether or not she has any title in the household.
▪ Husbands or live-in partners who would be guilty of domestic violence can be put behind bars for a year and fined Rs 20,000
▪ And all crimes in the Domestic Violence Act are non-bailable

Which clearly means that if your wife calls you a F***ing B***ard and if you slap her you ahve 80% chances of facing a 1 yr imprisonment and 20K fine.. well just kidding its not that straight but not that difficult too... You asking me why?
So here it goes .. Had being to a police station in a nearby area when my friend and his wife had a severe fight for some reason ... the fight went to refuge to a neighbours house and called her parents to take her back home .. well the husband or my friend wasnt really abusive all he did was slapped his wife when she started yelling and shouting at his mom for some reason ...

After her parents came they took my friends wife to the nearby police station I was a witness to the whole scene there .. and I really saw the later half of this devastating harrasement incident ... My friend was called to the police station and then a case of Dowry/ Abuse and Threat to kill I still remeber the IPC (498, 498(A), 502,and 501 I think) Yeah the first 2 for dowry and the later for threatening to Kill etc... Now what the F**K ... the 2 were a happy couple until yesterday and the next day they are swear enemies ... somehow the stuff was managed the the 2 were asked to visit the police counsellors to settle the matter .. well to the pity of my friend the case was still registered though as a Non cognizable offence(to the once that dont know about this .. 501/502 I think is a cognizable offence)..

Well the matter was not really settled but was kept in pending for a while later they spoke and got to a compromise and though the 2 are still not staying together my friends mom and himself (His dad was rested to peace 2 months before this incident)was harassed .. harassed badly ..

My friend is still not in a real good frame of mind .. he still doesnt know what
Who's mistake here ?
Who is responsible for all this?
How good is law in handling this situation?

Anyways forget about this ... lets go to the other part of the story....
every year thousands of cases are registered against married men and there parents for harassing there wives for dowry, 99% of these cases are dismissed by the court as there are not enough proofs or evidences for the same .. the 1 % cases are when the girl has either being killed by the in laws (no one knows the truth as no one commits anything) or had killed herself. Which also means that these cases sound aggressive while taking action in the preliminary stage (when the offense is registered) but falls flat on face when they should be bought to justice.

Anyways I am not really keen to talk about all this as this just opens up the biggest problem in the country .. Yes I am talking about Corruption .. the police are either bribed to file various codes by the girl's side or are paid bribe to be linient in handling the case an other stuff ..Most of the time Both ;) so they earn with both their hands ... Or the true story is never told by the girl ..

So how useful do you think this law is going to be? I think that this is just an ammendment to the anatomy of the grievences of the problems the male society in India is already facing ..Well I am sure that the lawmakers must have really thought hard about this before they made it a law but what I see is there are 99% chances of this law getting misused if not by the oppressed women but maybe by the cops or females parents ... Harassing the husband is not a rare phenomenon here .. in the recent months so many celebrities tried that ?? Yeah I am talking about XXX(dont want to name but you all know I guess) the leading Indian actress reporting a similar case where she complained that her husband was harassing her (mental and physical abuses being a part of it) and was demnading a dowry... well what I could say is her husband whose a millinaire business men doesnt really need a dowry specially
1. When his business is running in 100% profits all over the country ...
2. Where the parents of this actress are not so well to do financially.

Not only this there is lot of stuff into it .. I will keep the sequel for this write coming soon .. maybe monday;)

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  1. ask your friend to join saveindianfamily@yahoogroups.com

    further when you found out the statistics of india ranking 3rd in the world. well this information is incomplete. because when a women walks to a police station criminal case is registered and is reflected in data where as if guy goes max a Non Cognizable offence is registered. this does not reflect in the data.

    now this one sided facilitating law and there by generated data is presented on papers, divided by 365 days further in to 24 hrs and then in 60 minutes and then you get stuff like every 30 seconds a women is slapped etc.

    now how much is authentic? you have seen it with your eyes. further with the help of statistics the convition rate has been an over all of 2%, acquital rate has been approx 70% and rest cases are in inconsistant proceeding.

    23 yrs no changes in the law, because of this one sided machinery, and then this DV bill!!! it is only going to attract more misusers thus diluting the real cases too and making victims on both sides.