Oct 10, 2006

What would you Vote for Sympathy or Talent?

Strange thing but first time in my life I had being following this Talent Hunt show called "Sa re ga ma pa - Lil champs" and believe me it is so much exciting.. It started with around 32 kids aged between 10-15 yrs singing songs based on different themes and pitches, judged by the Terrific Trio that is what they called them " Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet and Bhappi Lahri". It all started a few months ago and kids singing those difficult songs really excited me ..

At this moment the story is 3 competitors left in the run with the judges being changed as now they dont have any say .. its all public who is going to decide who will be India's Little champ to win the 15 lks scholarship and a chance to sing in some movies etc... Now I am getting completely against this mode of judgement of Talent .. reason ??? Yeah very simple When this show begun I saw 3 competitors who were really really very very talented and for me they were the best proabables for the title .. "AbhroKanti" "Pawni" and "Neha" however as the show went ahead it was "Sameer Mohammed" , "Sanchita" who evolved from the first show to get a very good control over the performances until late ... This was not only my liking but the judges too liked these competitors and they too thought that they would be the one that will be in the fray for the title... but it wasnt going to be like that ..

Diwakar - who is handicapped (blind to be precise) was one of the good performers in the game however I would say he was 50% of what others were ... I maintained some records of how others performed and to my surprise it was " Sameer - 5 times best performance win, Pawni - 7 times, Sanchita - 3 times , Abhrokanti - 5 times and Diwakar - 2 times or less... and this was all judged based on the judges grading. When the Competition was left with 5 strong contenders it was decided by the organisers to recall one of the performaers who were out in the earlier rounds .. reason was the emotional attachment the other 5 had towards them .. and out of the 5 recalled candidate Diwakar was the one who got lot of public support .. I understand that symapathy will be there but because of this someone very deserving had to get out ... Diwakar was in with highest votes though his perfromace was lower then average.

Now the competion changed it was Public who was going to vote one member out of the competition every week ... and inspite of less than average performance ( b+, A ) as compared to the others (A+ A) he was able to survive ... Pawni and Abhrokanti are out of the game now and Sameer and Sanchita are left .. however I think that soon they too will be eliminated as I understand the judges grading is of no value and people are just voting based on some criteria for me it is Sympathy now.

what do you think who should win?

Sameer - Sheer Talented boy from a middle class family who has improved in each episode

Sanchita - Techie when it comes to music and has shown tremendous potential

or Diwakar - Average performer but High sympathy gainer?


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