Oct 13, 2006

UnAnticipated Events screw your schedules

Does it really for you? Well I dont know if you are following or not .. but yesterday was the best example for me when I really came to know that scheduling really really sucks...

So before I left for home I had planned for reaching house at 11 in the night and then wanted to read the Aaron Coben book which is pending since a few months now .. unfortunately I reached home at 10:30 .. unfortunately????? isnt that the question that you have now? Yeah I say unfortunately as unprecidented events really hurt... I reached home early was a real real good thing .. but then to manage the 30 mins decided to take a walk down the road after the dinner... seemingly I met a friend who took almost 45 minutes of me... and then my son started crying as he wanted to play cricket that late .. overall if you see .. some unanticipated events really cause to breakdown the schedules..

Now you will wonder why the hell I am talking about all this???? Yes this is just to let you know that this was in the day to day life.. In my current assignment I am not really involved into scheduling but it had being always a challenge... now you will ask what challenge??? Well there are many .. let me give you a simple example...

We started with a Software Project with a resource, release and risk plan .. but unfortunately the risk cover was not as high as the risks involved... so the risks we anticipated were not really enough to let the smooth flow for the project .. so talking about the scheduling breakdown.. The Team ended up in an unplanned festive vacation..worried what it is about .. Yeah the earlier software release which was supposed to happen in August was pushed to october and then to november . so the delay in the earlier releases due to non toxic reasons really caused an event which was not anticipated and thus caused the complete schedule to breakdown and re-work on scheduling was required...

There is lot about scheduling and pre-planning but when it comes to Software projects it is a kinda volatile .. really need to think on what best schedule could for a better planning platform

But anyways leave me and scheduling away for time .. I would sooner or later get involved into it


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