Oct 5, 2006

Success of Agile

Learnt a few things about Agile while practising them all these months .. Its not just about being Agile or following Agile .. its about what principles of Agile we really follow and how effectively .. So when we talk about the principles of Agile I think the following play a very very key role and the success of an Agile Team is based on how best and to what level we follow on them.... here goes the first few

1. Self Dependent Team: This is very much essential for the success of the projects following Agile methodology.. The Team should be self dependent and/or self organizing .. they should understand the importance of being self reliant to some extent... which means that many of the day to day activities that are being carried by a different role in the traditional methodology will be taken care of by the Development or Agile Team itself.

2. Test what you can and what you cannot: Well when it comes to agile this is the core principle .. the final motto of agile somewhere is to get the Quality work done in the best possible way. So it is the responsibility of the Agile Team to make sure that the testing is carried out for every possible feature or module developed by the Agile Team. This also constitutes the Impact the development had on the software.

3. Communicate :- The Last I can think is Agile team will fail badly if this is not really handled well... The success is all based on how effectively the communication is happeneing between the Team and the business (client/analyst). There is no scope for a communication lapse in the agile.. The moment there is a communication barrier the possibility of the agile project failing goes high.

4. Deliver 9 babies in 9 month: One of the primary objectives of the Agile team is to deliver and delivery here means delivery on time and in consistency .. well thats the Mantra for the Agile success ... Incremental delivery what we call it.. deliver go back to the business , change and deliver again until the customer says .. enough.. lol
So when we say 9 babies in 9 months it also means from 9 mothers .. just that 1 baby each month ..

5. Learn from your mistakes: Every Agile Iteration brings a store of things to learn .. its not so easy to learn from mistakes as you see the same people failing all over again and again in the same style.. If the mistakes are not counted then definately the failure chances are more over and over again. The Best thing the Agile Team can do is learn from mistakes by way of Harvest and audits.

6. Measurement: Its always a critical thing to do follwo in agile .. see whats being done and whats the impact .. the moment you loose track of the Impact the Team had on the software its the countdown to begin for failure... Mesaure the Impact as you measure failure and success

7. Slaughter all that comes your way: If you have seen the 13th Warrior .. thats how the Agile team should be like .. just cut down the problems chop them and put them in a curry for lunch.. if you keep them hanging they will hang you .. and believe me that hanging will be otherway round too.

Now that all i have talked about Agile there are still so many things to be spoken about .. those experts who sit in there cabins and follow agile can definately come up and say a word?



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