Oct 29, 2006

Sanchita is the new lil champ

Bravo ... Congratulations to Sanchita on being the lil champ ... Yes she got more then 45 Lakh votes as opposed to Diwakar(44 Lakhs) and Sameer( 43 Lakhs) to get a clean and clear margin victory and being the only female in the competition to score a excellent win ..

Well All my praises to all 3 I wasnt enough lucky to feel the show as I was off on saturday and could not really watch the show live ... so I had to keep guessing on what happened but not too long the moment I reached home after the dinner and saw the King Khan announcing the winner... So in the repeat telecast I was that the vote lines were open until 9:30 PM when the show was going on and Sameer who was leading the votes by almost around a lakh votes until 27th October lost the lead by 28th october 10 AM and thereafter never came to the top .. well it was well known that diwakar was going to get some sympathy votes as the last few performances(Yes I am talking about performances on 27th and 28th october) were as good as the first few round performances ...

So when Sanchita wins its a no issue as I think she matured a lot after Pawni pandey was thrown out of the competition by the SMS contest .. Sanchita's win to me is good as she was turning to be the best in the later half of the competition .. slowly and steadily she matured to the proximity ..

Diwakar was good but average ... about Sameer I can say he was the unlucky fellow .. but never to worry as he got the pat not only from the judges but also from many others who are real experts in the field .. overall I can say that ... Sanchita is going to be another Sunidhi Chauhan ;) donn know ? Well she was the outcome of Gajendra's Sa re ga ma earlier :D

Keep following this blog as I am going to write a detailed report of the competitiion with some videos and clips and some images sooner ....


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