Oct 19, 2006

Sa re ga ma lil champs

Today I am hoping that when tomorrow comes either Sameer and Sanchita stays in the fray or only Diwakar.. well I am not aginst diwakar to be honest I appreciate that he is being fighting so hard and coming but because of him I think the series has got real bad... Pawni, Abhrokant they just lost .. I still feel that Sameer should be the lil champ because of his consistency and not because of anything else... Sanchita ??? not sure if you remember was almost out but because of the judges likings gurpreet was driven away .. after that so many times sanchita stayed in the fray just on the border lines .. so I really think that it has to be Sanchit and Sameer now.. Diwakar Diwakar Sharma please go out ... People please vote based on the talent not sympathy.

Sameer Shaikh
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  1. yes ur perfectly right sameer, i alreday post one assumption before final day of compitition...
    before that i appreciate d work of saregamapa team i salute to all team members..
    the assumption was like this ,
    upto my experince and knowledge of strategy of Saregamapa result would be like this
    1) Sanchita
    2) Diwakar
    3) Sameer
    now i m telling how i can predicte this thing,
    if u were seen the saregamapa Ek Mei Or Ek tu the jodi's are 1st Aishwary and Ujjaini
    and 2nd Shareeb and Banjotsana

    at that time wht saregamapa did they showed the result in the favour of sharib and banjo till last moment and at last time they declare aishwarya and ujjaini win the compi. so here wht saregama did they already decide whom will be winner and losser and they once give first possition to them who will lossing the comp. And the same thing they did in Lil champs they showed from day before final that sameer is leading to others at that moment i felt that sameer will be lossing in this compitition.
    and one another thing is that the result of final declare by shahrukh khan at 12.00 am but on Zee News at 11.30pm it declare the result already. wht is this ...