Oct 23, 2006

[Movie Review] Don - The chase begins

Year 1978 ... Sr. AB in the series of his Angry Young Man Image really really got people on their toes .. whistles and nudges all over .. Dammn I cant really talk about this I wasnt really born at that time when AB's Don was released but anyaways .. I got a chance to watch the movie more than 10 times all my life .. Thanks to the satellite channels.. Alrite coming back to Don.... with SRK..

When the promos were going on I really thought that this movie would be crap .. never saw SRK playing a real serious role .. donn know if you remember Raam Jaane he was full crap in the role of a Goon... but this time it is all different ..

Glamour, Style, Passion, Elegance and Excellence all combined in SRK and driven excellently all over the movie by Farhan made Don-The chase begins really really different than the older one .. OK Another important thing for you guys .. if you are a Amitabh Fan please dont go ahead and read this review ... and if you think I am writing crap below please shut your mouth and get lost from here...

"Trrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnng Triiiiiiiiiiiing "
"Don... Donnnnnnnnnn"

Thats how the movie begins .... The typical SRK/AB style dialoge delivery there.... and then the high tech stunts which I never really saw in Don Sr... the High tech drama with a typical SRK Angry Young Gun style .. remember "Dar" or "Baazigar"? I specially like "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi naheen .... Naamumkin hai" ( Its not only difficult to catch hold of Don its Impossible) and ""Don ka Intzaar to gyaarah mulko ki police karti hai" ( Cops from 11 nations are waiting to get hold of Don) said in a typical way invites lots of whistles in a very decent cinema hall as well ;)

Rotates around Don (SRK) playing the major drug mafia operating in Malaysia, India and other nations ... with Narang(Vijay) playing another half of the Boss of Both Singhania... Don is shrewd and dangerous and kills a few moles in the crew .. one of them is Ramesh whose girl friend Kamini(Kareena Kapoor) and Sister Roma (Priyanka Chopra) want to take revenge from Don...

Meanwhile a DCP from Mumbai police D'Silva(Boman Irani) who is chasing don gets in touch with Kamini and plans a plot to get hold of him ... Kamini visits Don as Sonia and calls the police in the hotel room where she is trying to seduce Don with the song "Yeh Mera dil pyaar ka diwana" .. Don realises the plot and escapes from there while killing kamini ... Don prepares a CD with all the details of his Boss , Bank Accounts, Contacts etc.

after a couple of actions D'silva manages to trace Don and in the chase Don gets in hands of D'silva .... badly injured... not to the bad fortune of Vijay who is a local singer whose survival is singing on the festives to earn money and whose dream is to get the small kid into best possible education the same boy he found a couple of years ago and went to d'silva to help him ... the Father of this boy is Jassi (Arjun Rampal)who is caught by d'silva and sent to jail whose wife is killed and son is lost when he tries to do a robbery as a ranson to the kidnap of his wife..

D'silva plots a plan to get Vijay as Don in the Singhania camp and get everyone exposed... but while Vijay is on the mission the real injured Don dies ... and roma makes a attempt to kill Don .. Vijay tells her the truth and both closely fall in love... after some suspense it is discovered that D'silva wants to now Kill Vijay, Roma after he kills the whole Singhania gang including singhania and appears to be killed in a encounter with some Singhania goons ..

What happens to Don?
WHo is D'Silava?
Who is the rela Don?
What happens to Vijay?

all these questins will be answered only if you promise to spend 130 bucks at the cinema halls ... well believe me or not its entertaining ...

SRK was excellent over all while playing Don or his duplicate Vijay .. he was cool and smashing ... Enough justice made to the role I would say he was as good as AB in the Sr. Don ....

Roma aka Zeenat Aman aka Priyanka Chopra was good overall ... she did not really have much control except for the revengy looks that ends mid way of the movie ... giving way to all SRK and Boman here...

Jassi aka Arjun Rampal new fit in character who played a role of a Tech Savy whom D'silva the DCP had caught and wants to take revenge was good.

Boman Irani ... aka D'Silva .. excellent is not the word ... he is the best actor in Bollywood will really be an understatement... justice is not what he did to the movie he really did favours to the movie to keep it interesting and happeneing ..

Isha small but whacky role ..and the mini roles here and there like "naarang" and singhania were good....

Only thing you will take home from the theatre is "Kareena" aka Kamini .. wow you can say she looked not only gorgeous and glamourous ... but exotic and erotic ... the only song and a few dialogues in her bucket still manage to give her enough credit...

Music is mind blowing .. you dont really have to like the songs as they are already being loved by everyone .. but the remix is excellent .. I am no remix fan but this time it changes my view...

The Technology use in the movie is good.. Farhan really seems to be a Tech dependant...

Overall I can say the movie is worth watching one time and Farhan Akhtar is good all over.. specailly the way he moved the story over and got the thril broken down at the end ... One can say he is a really very mature director...


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