Oct 4, 2006

Marriage - An Institution???

I came across 2 blog posts today on the write-up blogs... both regarding Marriages... I am sure there’s lot to talk about but both these posts are at the far dead ends to each other but are so closely linked... Sneha's post talks about how to choose a Marriage partner and Desire's post talks about the after effects of marriage..

When I read Shobha De's "Spouse" I felt marriage to be a real different thing that what I experienced in my 6 years of marriage... Shobha de spoke about what to do and what not to do... And My marriage was all about "To do" and it was more on what your better half has to do.. Going through Premchand challa's "Prem-Vivah" I cam to know about the other part of the life which I think we as Young generation never think about... Yes I am talking about "Emotions"... Now you will be wondering what the hell is emotion... So let me give you a clear example...

My wife once was complaining me about me fighting with her when she gets late either while going out or when we decide to meet outside where we both will reach to a common place from our offices... N somehow I realized that Yes that was true... I used to wait for her for hours before we got married... just in hope that She might be having some problems or thinking something must have gone wrong in the way and blah blah blha .. Where else now it is... Dammn she is taking time to get ready... and why the hell she wants to think about the dress she has to wear and what not...

So coming back to the point... when you say Think before you marry someone... you really have to give a thought and spend sometime together... Now that Together is very clear in today’s life ..."YES - I am talking about companionship" this will let you know what the person is all about... His daily habits pros and cons and the main thing is the attitude. I agree that many of you won’t really agree to this thinking about the culture and heritage of India and Indian society, but Boy go visit the family court and see the problem… I was talking to one of the lawyers in the Pune family court a few months ago and something really shocking cam to my knowledge. Every year Pune Marriage registrar office registers around 3000 marriages all religion(Facts need to be checked and verified) and around 2000 cases are filed either for alumni, custody, divorce, maintenance or visitation rights of kids, which means that for sure the 2000 families are not staying together, So only 1000 marriages a year are successful?

Well lot more in this regards and I think I will continue writing on this in parts… If you guys like it post your views ..


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