Oct 11, 2006

Hypocracy - From the Third World People

I bet the title tells you that I am going to talk about "Space Tourism" , "Aliens" and what not.. but No I am trying to talk about the third world people who stay with me and you and are many a times as normal as you and me are .. but... they are a BUTT at times. Now there you go .. yes I am trying to talk about Hypocracy..

I heard someone telling a few months ago about what a person whould do as a human being, how he should behave with people and how not... and what is a good human being characteristics... It all went into a crap when I saw the same person a few weeks ago misbehaving with the waiter and the captain... Now you will say why i remembered and wrote on something that was months old... well it is easy to tell you .. I saw some hypocracy there..which I yet again faced today early morning with a different person..

While on the road coming back from my early morning prayers I saw a handicapped fellow around 12-14 yrs old with a bunch of newspapers in hand .. yes I guess he was one of those kids who earn and learn ... anyways while passing by he asked me to help him get the bunch attached to his bycycle carriage .. I did that and he left .. so while back on way this guy asked me why I helped him .. I should have let him do it by own as he will get used to ask help everyday then.. I dont know how true or good that would be .. helping someone once is no big deal ... going ahead just in front of his house his son was not able to move his own vehicle and just lost a bit of control .. Mr. X rushed to him and moved the vehicle to free him .. I just retaliated saying why he helped him ? he would have being able to manage.. Well the answer I got was funny but upsetting .. he gave me 3 reasons

1. Its my son
2. I have to help him to see him go up the other guy I wont be bothered
3. If my son gets hurt it will be pain (hospital, medicines, and above all the pain for his son).
4. He is not from my religion.

So that is the Hypocracy I think is causing us... People behave differently , They preach something and they follow something, Rules are made with there own convinience .. so if I am doing wrong its OK but if someone else is doing wrong its a unforgivable sin...

All this is happening and I believe will continue forever .. never found a way to change this but a good workaround .. Give them a smile and they would sometime realise that Hypocracy kills others not you.


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