Oct 19, 2006

Diwakar Sharma, Sanchita or Sameer

Well I really wish that when they come against each other today Sanchita and Sameer get through to the finals .. it had being a tough time and all these days I am writing posts to generate a support for the other 2 .. Sameer and Sanchita as I am completely against Diwakar's inclusion in the rounds .. when he was bought in the final 6 it was clear sympathy that got him there .. Neha , Armaan, Gurpreet and others were much much better than him.. I still remember his scores ... B+ , B+ and A from Bhappi da.... Now still he got a few thousand votes more than Neha .. to the final pity of her... poor she had to get out just because she made a few mistakes earlier in the rounds...

Talking about the rounds that have happened so far I dont think diwakar averages more than B+ while Sanchita and Sameer really go between A-A+ like I said ... Sanchita too did lot many mistakes but since the voting mechanism came into action her performance has temendously changed... she is much much better... while Sameer was very disappointed when he got 112 votes less than diwakar who is not even miles close to him in terms of performance did very very well last time ..

Now I would really like to ask you giys to vote for Sanchita and Sameer .. forget Diwakar and vote for the talent.


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