Oct 23, 2006

Diwakar Sanchita Sameer and Sa re ga ma what a Fusion

My past few posts are now really disappointing myself the way I was against diwakar considering the Sympathy factor .. to what I see now is a complete changeover in his performance .. I saw friday's and saturdays perfromance from Diwakar and Sanchita.. and what a change that was .. a complete turnaround in performance..Both the congs he sang got A+ from all the judges and that wasnt the only thing that changed my viewe towards this competition .. the way he was enjoying the song .. I saw this for the first time .. I am not a Music critic but can easily make out where someone is going wrong and whether the person is enjoying it or not ... and Diwakar was very true and honest to his last 2 performances ... Excellent I can say.

While Sanchita remains in the limelight with Awwwww strucks .. Yes she is looking gorgeous and sings like a mature Talented singer.. I cant really stop her comparing the fresh old Lata Didi... Banarar to be honest was rocking and I regret why the Z guys are biased not to have the competion in Pune ..

Talking about Sameer Mohammed .. I think there is something wrong with his selection of songs .. he took over a vey very difficult song which I still remember was very tough for Debojit to sing in the last sa re ga ma finale .. and then he chose a song 1 day before which debojit has sung in the albums .. what a mess you can say ... but anyways now it looks like it is a even competition with Sameer close to leading the vote count I would really hope that this series get true and honest votes .. for the most deserving lil champ.

All the Best to Diwakar , Sanchita and Sameer.... I will keep writing over the next week on your individual perromances...


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