Oct 29, 2006

Sanchita is the new lil champ

Bravo ... Congratulations to Sanchita on being the lil champ ... Yes she got more then 45 Lakh votes as opposed to Diwakar(44 Lakhs) and Sameer( 43 Lakhs) to get a clean and clear margin victory and being the only female in the competition to score a excellent win ..

Well All my praises to all 3 I wasnt enough lucky to feel the show as I was off on saturday and could not really watch the show live ... so I had to keep guessing on what happened but not too long the moment I reached home after the dinner and saw the King Khan announcing the winner... So in the repeat telecast I was that the vote lines were open until 9:30 PM when the show was going on and Sameer who was leading the votes by almost around a lakh votes until 27th October lost the lead by 28th october 10 AM and thereafter never came to the top .. well it was well known that diwakar was going to get some sympathy votes as the last few performances(Yes I am talking about performances on 27th and 28th october) were as good as the first few round performances ...

So when Sanchita wins its a no issue as I think she matured a lot after Pawni pandey was thrown out of the competition by the SMS contest .. Sanchita's win to me is good as she was turning to be the best in the later half of the competition .. slowly and steadily she matured to the proximity ..

Diwakar was good but average ... about Sameer I can say he was the unlucky fellow .. but never to worry as he got the pat not only from the judges but also from many others who are real experts in the field .. overall I can say that ... Sanchita is going to be another Sunidhi Chauhan ;) donn know ? Well she was the outcome of Gajendra's Sa re ga ma earlier :D

Keep following this blog as I am going to write a detailed report of the competitiion with some videos and clips and some images sooner ....

Women now licensed to exploit Men - II

It just took a 3 day gap to register 2 unique cases under this law that was enforced all over India on thursday ... the 1st complaint lodged was from Chennai against a State government employee by his wife who is a primary school Teacher. though I really dont have any details of the case yet but the primary reports say that the allegations made by the wife are that his husband was forcing him to stop work and had being abusing her physically and mentally ... Now that is expected ...

Don't really have to go far another case was registered in Maharashtra with the wife allegedly saying that both were married to different people earlier got divroced and when they were searching for a job got introduced to each other and ended up in a kinda relationship where both got married but were not staying together .. the allegations made are that the husband was forcing her to stay with him and that he used all sort of exploitation techniques to harass the poor lady ....

Now that 2 cases in 3 days have already being registered there were several attempts made towards lodging such complaints ... Well not to forget in both of the above cases the husbands were arrested immediately and had to spend some time in leisure at the police station... My curosity could not stop me moving to the local police station with a press reporter who stays close to me to find out if any case/complaint was lodged... fortunately none...

So with all these events happening I think the biggest problem in front of the
1. husbands who dont have a better relation with there in-laws and wife...
2. Live-in relationships on the verge of breaking.
3. Strained marriages
4. Wives who really want to be independent and aggressive in there lives at the cost of marriage
5. Husbands who are really abusive and harassing wives for no reason.
6. In laws harassing women...

Is that they have to think of options now .. Options on how they can save there AR*E from being FU**ED badly by this law ..

Well I would suggest all of the above should go for a drive for taking an anticipatory bail to protect themselves aginst any nuisance by theie wives ;)

Oct 26, 2006

Women now licensed to exploit Men - I

OK.. So not much had being talked about this lately ... but Indian Law is going to give enough rights to women (married or in-livin relationships) to screw their partners / in laws and anyone possible ... How???? Dont ask .... The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 which was cleared by the honourable President of India in September Last year is now ready to be executed ... a directive given by the Ministry of women and child development (WCD) India has issued a notification to enforce this law across India .. and to the pity of those troubled husbands ... their partners are now legalised to screw them and their families ..

Now why I am talking about this here in my Blog? So while I was checking the facts about Women abuse it was noticed that India ranks third in the number of cases registered for women abuse all over(Most of them are dowry and related harrasement cases). So cming back the law it now looks like the women are going to get a upper hands on men with this law .. atleast many of them now know how they can easily screw up there husbands or specially in laws. Well this law is a real turf for Men as I dont think lot of real true abuses come from Men in the urban area .. well thats what the police figure says atleast.. but thats a pity fact that many of these cases are already registered for harasisng the husbands and in laws .. So what does this law mean to everyone?

▪ Under the new law notified by the ministry, domestic violence will include actual abuse or the threat of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic.
▪ Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands on the woman or her relatives also comes under this definition.
▪ The law will cover those women who are or have been in a relationship where both parties have lived together in a shared household, and are related by marriage or adoption.
▪ Preventing one's wife from taking up a job or forcing her to leave job are also under the purview of the Act
▪ One of the most important features of the Act is that it also provides a woman a right to reside in the matrimonial and shared household, whether or not she has any title in the household.
▪ Husbands or live-in partners who would be guilty of domestic violence can be put behind bars for a year and fined Rs 20,000
▪ And all crimes in the Domestic Violence Act are non-bailable

Which clearly means that if your wife calls you a F***ing B***ard and if you slap her you ahve 80% chances of facing a 1 yr imprisonment and 20K fine.. well just kidding its not that straight but not that difficult too... You asking me why?
So here it goes .. Had being to a police station in a nearby area when my friend and his wife had a severe fight for some reason ... the fight went to refuge to a neighbours house and called her parents to take her back home .. well the husband or my friend wasnt really abusive all he did was slapped his wife when she started yelling and shouting at his mom for some reason ...

After her parents came they took my friends wife to the nearby police station I was a witness to the whole scene there .. and I really saw the later half of this devastating harrasement incident ... My friend was called to the police station and then a case of Dowry/ Abuse and Threat to kill I still remeber the IPC (498, 498(A), 502,and 501 I think) Yeah the first 2 for dowry and the later for threatening to Kill etc... Now what the F**K ... the 2 were a happy couple until yesterday and the next day they are swear enemies ... somehow the stuff was managed the the 2 were asked to visit the police counsellors to settle the matter .. well to the pity of my friend the case was still registered though as a Non cognizable offence(to the once that dont know about this .. 501/502 I think is a cognizable offence)..

Well the matter was not really settled but was kept in pending for a while later they spoke and got to a compromise and though the 2 are still not staying together my friends mom and himself (His dad was rested to peace 2 months before this incident)was harassed .. harassed badly ..

My friend is still not in a real good frame of mind .. he still doesnt know what
Who's mistake here ?
Who is responsible for all this?
How good is law in handling this situation?

Anyways forget about this ... lets go to the other part of the story....
every year thousands of cases are registered against married men and there parents for harassing there wives for dowry, 99% of these cases are dismissed by the court as there are not enough proofs or evidences for the same .. the 1 % cases are when the girl has either being killed by the in laws (no one knows the truth as no one commits anything) or had killed herself. Which also means that these cases sound aggressive while taking action in the preliminary stage (when the offense is registered) but falls flat on face when they should be bought to justice.

Anyways I am not really keen to talk about all this as this just opens up the biggest problem in the country .. Yes I am talking about Corruption .. the police are either bribed to file various codes by the girl's side or are paid bribe to be linient in handling the case an other stuff ..Most of the time Both ;) so they earn with both their hands ... Or the true story is never told by the girl ..

So how useful do you think this law is going to be? I think that this is just an ammendment to the anatomy of the grievences of the problems the male society in India is already facing ..Well I am sure that the lawmakers must have really thought hard about this before they made it a law but what I see is there are 99% chances of this law getting misused if not by the oppressed women but maybe by the cops or females parents ... Harassing the husband is not a rare phenomenon here .. in the recent months so many celebrities tried that ?? Yeah I am talking about XXX(dont want to name but you all know I guess) the leading Indian actress reporting a similar case where she complained that her husband was harassing her (mental and physical abuses being a part of it) and was demnading a dowry... well what I could say is her husband whose a millinaire business men doesnt really need a dowry specially
1. When his business is running in 100% profits all over the country ...
2. Where the parents of this actress are not so well to do financially.

Not only this there is lot of stuff into it .. I will keep the sequel for this write coming soon .. maybe monday;)

Oct 24, 2006

Cops and Bribe ...

What the F**K ... Yeah today was one of the worst day of my driving life when I was being screwed up by the cop for really no reason .. Yeah really No REASON .. I was driving to the office at around 10:00 AM in the churn of traffic... Well driving to office in the peak hours is a real pain specially on the A-1 Road of pune is a real bit of pain in the A**E.. noticing that the traffic was very cranky I sped up a bit to get down before the signal closes and what a big tragedy it was I was in the middle of the road with Green signal marked and a cab driver came breaking all the signals right in front of the Traffic cop to dash a poor guy driving a scooter .. to the pity that guy fell badly down and was not able to get up .. while I took myself down the lane and rushed to get the guy up .. The cop was busy arguing with the cab driver ...

This guy who is a .NeT developer in Cybage seems to have got some bruises enough to give him pain and rest for a few days atleast ... while he was OK to drive I could make out that the Cab driver was making efforts to settle the matter with the cop and not the one who really got injured .. what a Pity ...

Finally I decided to step in and went to the cop and asked him to get the hospital expenses for this guy or atleast fine the cab driver for being irrational .. wow what a statement it was to invite a pleasure ful denial for me in the best way I never heard ever... "You dont have to teach me what I have to do"... It appeared that the Cop was a relative of that cab driver .. I dont know but I felt as if the cop was the security official of the Prime Minister of India who was none other than the Cab driver ... bloody shame ...

Well after letting the injured fellow go I took over to the lane to go back to usual when I saw the Cab driver and the cop going on a nearby Tea Stall .. And If you are not from India or Pune .. Cop taking you to tea stall means bribe .. I am sure it was settled for 100 bucks .. not really much but the concept is painful.... Yeah BRIBE ... It hurts specially when the cops do it .. I understand that they earn around 2000-3000 rs a month as official salary but thats not really a reason to accept bribes ... If I earn less and I start stealing or being a dacoit will it do?

Nay ..... so this Cop who I think is not so old should be around 35-40 with a huge ponche which I am sure wasnt there until he joined the forces and I am sure it was a result of the money he got from bribe all over .. shameful but true .. I decided to not spare this guy ..... No No No No ... doesnt mean I am going to Kill him ;) Well I decided to make him realize that he did something wrong .. yeah the traditional Gandhi way which I saw in the Movie "lage Raho MunnaBhai " and when my MD came to the office and told the Team that if you find someone not doing proper work go and give a rose to them .... Well this movie has really changed the thing atleast to what I see in pune ...

I bough a rose from a florist close to the Ruby Hall clinic and went and handed him over the rose, Now what happened ? Well dont need to tell you cause it was in front of atleast 25-30 people and it was not hidden that he was being given a rose just because he did not do his work correctly ... I saw some grins on faces, some smiles , some winks towards me and some hearty laughs ... well it was not to insult someone but I felt he would have or he would at some point realize that he did a mistake .. well A SIN....

Anyways I am not a real "SatyaGrahi" (Non Violence supportive) kinda guy .. if you stare at me I will return you with a punch maybe .hehehheheheh nay nay dont get scared just kidding but yeah I am not that kinda guy who will take a non violent method always .. but I realised that this really worked ... I am sure something will change in that cop .. or to that matter the cab driver .. who drives the Indica vehicle for one of the BPO services company in pune .. (Well I am going to report the matter to the company as I have the Car number and the contact number written on the car itself) so anyways the punishment to the cab driver will come at some point ...

forget it for now .. I wanna raise what I dont wanna think about .. Bribe ... Is it OK to bribe someone to get out of problem situations?

Let muah know ...

Oct 23, 2006

[Movie Review] Don - The chase begins

Year 1978 ... Sr. AB in the series of his Angry Young Man Image really really got people on their toes .. whistles and nudges all over .. Dammn I cant really talk about this I wasnt really born at that time when AB's Don was released but anyaways .. I got a chance to watch the movie more than 10 times all my life .. Thanks to the satellite channels.. Alrite coming back to Don.... with SRK..

When the promos were going on I really thought that this movie would be crap .. never saw SRK playing a real serious role .. donn know if you remember Raam Jaane he was full crap in the role of a Goon... but this time it is all different ..

Glamour, Style, Passion, Elegance and Excellence all combined in SRK and driven excellently all over the movie by Farhan made Don-The chase begins really really different than the older one .. OK Another important thing for you guys .. if you are a Amitabh Fan please dont go ahead and read this review ... and if you think I am writing crap below please shut your mouth and get lost from here...

"Trrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnng Triiiiiiiiiiiing "
"Don... Donnnnnnnnnn"

Thats how the movie begins .... The typical SRK/AB style dialoge delivery there.... and then the high tech stunts which I never really saw in Don Sr... the High tech drama with a typical SRK Angry Young Gun style .. remember "Dar" or "Baazigar"? I specially like "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi naheen .... Naamumkin hai" ( Its not only difficult to catch hold of Don its Impossible) and ""Don ka Intzaar to gyaarah mulko ki police karti hai" ( Cops from 11 nations are waiting to get hold of Don) said in a typical way invites lots of whistles in a very decent cinema hall as well ;)

Rotates around Don (SRK) playing the major drug mafia operating in Malaysia, India and other nations ... with Narang(Vijay) playing another half of the Boss of Both Singhania... Don is shrewd and dangerous and kills a few moles in the crew .. one of them is Ramesh whose girl friend Kamini(Kareena Kapoor) and Sister Roma (Priyanka Chopra) want to take revenge from Don...

Meanwhile a DCP from Mumbai police D'Silva(Boman Irani) who is chasing don gets in touch with Kamini and plans a plot to get hold of him ... Kamini visits Don as Sonia and calls the police in the hotel room where she is trying to seduce Don with the song "Yeh Mera dil pyaar ka diwana" .. Don realises the plot and escapes from there while killing kamini ... Don prepares a CD with all the details of his Boss , Bank Accounts, Contacts etc.

after a couple of actions D'silva manages to trace Don and in the chase Don gets in hands of D'silva .... badly injured... not to the bad fortune of Vijay who is a local singer whose survival is singing on the festives to earn money and whose dream is to get the small kid into best possible education the same boy he found a couple of years ago and went to d'silva to help him ... the Father of this boy is Jassi (Arjun Rampal)who is caught by d'silva and sent to jail whose wife is killed and son is lost when he tries to do a robbery as a ranson to the kidnap of his wife..

D'silva plots a plan to get Vijay as Don in the Singhania camp and get everyone exposed... but while Vijay is on the mission the real injured Don dies ... and roma makes a attempt to kill Don .. Vijay tells her the truth and both closely fall in love... after some suspense it is discovered that D'silva wants to now Kill Vijay, Roma after he kills the whole Singhania gang including singhania and appears to be killed in a encounter with some Singhania goons ..

What happens to Don?
WHo is D'Silava?
Who is the rela Don?
What happens to Vijay?

all these questins will be answered only if you promise to spend 130 bucks at the cinema halls ... well believe me or not its entertaining ...

SRK was excellent over all while playing Don or his duplicate Vijay .. he was cool and smashing ... Enough justice made to the role I would say he was as good as AB in the Sr. Don ....

Roma aka Zeenat Aman aka Priyanka Chopra was good overall ... she did not really have much control except for the revengy looks that ends mid way of the movie ... giving way to all SRK and Boman here...

Jassi aka Arjun Rampal new fit in character who played a role of a Tech Savy whom D'silva the DCP had caught and wants to take revenge was good.

Boman Irani ... aka D'Silva .. excellent is not the word ... he is the best actor in Bollywood will really be an understatement... justice is not what he did to the movie he really did favours to the movie to keep it interesting and happeneing ..

Isha small but whacky role ..and the mini roles here and there like "naarang" and singhania were good....

Only thing you will take home from the theatre is "Kareena" aka Kamini .. wow you can say she looked not only gorgeous and glamourous ... but exotic and erotic ... the only song and a few dialogues in her bucket still manage to give her enough credit...

Music is mind blowing .. you dont really have to like the songs as they are already being loved by everyone .. but the remix is excellent .. I am no remix fan but this time it changes my view...

The Technology use in the movie is good.. Farhan really seems to be a Tech dependant...

Overall I can say the movie is worth watching one time and Farhan Akhtar is good all over.. specailly the way he moved the story over and got the thril broken down at the end ... One can say he is a really very mature director...

Diwakar Sanchita Sameer and Sa re ga ma what a Fusion

My past few posts are now really disappointing myself the way I was against diwakar considering the Sympathy factor .. to what I see now is a complete changeover in his performance .. I saw friday's and saturdays perfromance from Diwakar and Sanchita.. and what a change that was .. a complete turnaround in performance..Both the congs he sang got A+ from all the judges and that wasnt the only thing that changed my viewe towards this competition .. the way he was enjoying the song .. I saw this for the first time .. I am not a Music critic but can easily make out where someone is going wrong and whether the person is enjoying it or not ... and Diwakar was very true and honest to his last 2 performances ... Excellent I can say.

While Sanchita remains in the limelight with Awwwww strucks .. Yes she is looking gorgeous and sings like a mature Talented singer.. I cant really stop her comparing the fresh old Lata Didi... Banarar to be honest was rocking and I regret why the Z guys are biased not to have the competion in Pune ..

Talking about Sameer Mohammed .. I think there is something wrong with his selection of songs .. he took over a vey very difficult song which I still remember was very tough for Debojit to sing in the last sa re ga ma finale .. and then he chose a song 1 day before which debojit has sung in the albums .. what a mess you can say ... but anyways now it looks like it is a even competition with Sameer close to leading the vote count I would really hope that this series get true and honest votes .. for the most deserving lil champ.

All the Best to Diwakar , Sanchita and Sameer.... I will keep writing over the next week on your individual perromances...

Oct 20, 2006

Agile and WhiteBoard

After a 2 weeks thought I was really able to get this on paper .. and ask my Boss to start the WhiteBoard Agile concept in my Organisation .. I know it was previously being used here not in this same office but I guess in the UK office .. but atleast now I have 2 hrs a day left for blogging ... hahahhahaha

Well the last few words I got to hear from some Tech Leads and QA guys was that you are getting rid of your own work dude???? huh? Yeah that was the final motto as well you can say.. All I wanted was to give a clear picture to the developers and Tech Leads who keep on telling me that the Development is done :D or its finished or nothing is left on our side or what not .. At the same time it gives a heads on the QA where they cant say that I have tested this and it had failed .. everything will be as clear as my face and my desk .. Ahhhh My desk Yes full of those excel sheets with project status and US status and Master lists ...

So now The way I want this to be used is I will really be giving the UC list into dev based on there estimates and leave it to them to move it to Completed or QA .. based on the whiteboard 1 thing is for sure that I am going to make some people get up from there desks just to update the whiteboard everyday ... some amount of exercise is really required dude no????

2. It will give a visibility to the Top Management where we really stand end of everyweek .

3. Spares me some time to really think on innovations in PM

4. Gives some leisure and exposure to the TechLeads and possible Managers who can think better Ideas of Project Tracking .. afterall someday I really want to get out of Project management to either be the IPS officer or a Movie Maker...

5. No more update meetings .. all I can do is take over some standin meetings ...which can be based on the whiteboard status

6. reduce some work of Shankar our office boy who really spends around 2 hrs cleaning the glass.

7. Let me make the office look dirty .. hahahah I always wanted to make my office look as good as my desk .. and you care or not my desk is always a piece of shit that Shankar cleans every day.

8. Give a High level view and do some good PM atlast.

Is that not enough to get the board working ? Well I guess it is .. SO finally the whiteboard got kicked off .. and next thing on my list is the Project Control.. got some good Ideas if this vacation gives me enough leisure I would really be able to get them out as correctly as I want them to be...

Meanwhile .... Wish you a Very Happy Diwali until Monday :D

Oct 19, 2006

Diwakar Sharma, Sanchita or Sameer

Well I really wish that when they come against each other today Sanchita and Sameer get through to the finals .. it had being a tough time and all these days I am writing posts to generate a support for the other 2 .. Sameer and Sanchita as I am completely against Diwakar's inclusion in the rounds .. when he was bought in the final 6 it was clear sympathy that got him there .. Neha , Armaan, Gurpreet and others were much much better than him.. I still remember his scores ... B+ , B+ and A from Bhappi da.... Now still he got a few thousand votes more than Neha .. to the final pity of her... poor she had to get out just because she made a few mistakes earlier in the rounds...

Talking about the rounds that have happened so far I dont think diwakar averages more than B+ while Sanchita and Sameer really go between A-A+ like I said ... Sanchita too did lot many mistakes but since the voting mechanism came into action her performance has temendously changed... she is much much better... while Sameer was very disappointed when he got 112 votes less than diwakar who is not even miles close to him in terms of performance did very very well last time ..

Now I would really like to ask you giys to vote for Sanchita and Sameer .. forget Diwakar and vote for the talent.

Sa re ga ma lil champs

Today I am hoping that when tomorrow comes either Sameer and Sanchita stays in the fray or only Diwakar.. well I am not aginst diwakar to be honest I appreciate that he is being fighting so hard and coming but because of him I think the series has got real bad... Pawni, Abhrokant they just lost .. I still feel that Sameer should be the lil champ because of his consistency and not because of anything else... Sanchita ??? not sure if you remember was almost out but because of the judges likings gurpreet was driven away .. after that so many times sanchita stayed in the fray just on the border lines .. so I really think that it has to be Sanchit and Sameer now.. Diwakar Diwakar Sharma please go out ... People please vote based on the talent not sympathy.

Sameer Shaikh
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A New Entity just discovered.... Now you wil ask what it is all about .. Well ever heard and experienced Orgasm???? Well you get when you are in process of making love to an opposite sex here you get blogasm when you write your own blog or add comments or contibute to other blogs...

Now how to really enjoy Blogasm to the Last drop???? here are a few tips for the same:

1. Dont write about your day to day activities always ... You know Sex in same posture and same person can easily bore you?

2. Do not repeat topics : If you talk about the same topic you might as well contradict yourself .. occassionally or frequently... simple reason you are always in a different state of mind .. You know? If you do the same stuff again and again your partner will get bored...

3. One in Hand None in bush: Yeah .. usually people create several blogs assuming they will be a Net Hit but its not usually like that unless you really follow me hahahahahhaa .. and Yes I am talking about having multiple blogs and not maintaining or updating them will make you loose interest.. Its like your wife .. you flirst with others for a while .. but end of the day dont forget to please her.

4. Be Loyal : Be loyal and honest to your blog like you want to be at your work or with your wife... meaning just focus yourself on one. Like AIDS / HIV there are several deseases already in the market and at the end you will kill your blog and not only that but you will also kill your own writing instincts.

5. Change the Looks: Wife and GF needs to be attractive . presentable so make sure that you change there and your blogs look so that you find them attractive.

6. Dont talk about Sex: No one really wants to talk about Sex when they are actually doing it .. similarly dont every talk about sex when you blogging everyone have there own interests and preferences .. your Sex topics will attract some new bloggers who come and go not the real blogging community. I recently came across several blogs who just want to get on top with sex topics...

7. Share : Share your experiences and Articles across .. make sure they are in a readable form.

8. Use others : Writing will always not help .. I get inspired by reading several people on net .. they are just fabolous and make me think and write more innovative...

9. Be yourself : When you blog be yourself .. if you try to be like James Bond in the bed your partner might not like it .. so be yourself and experience what you get ...

Last but not the least ... after you get blogasm you really dont have to rest like in sex .. you can continue forever and ever without ever being feeling the need to the blue pill....

Experts???? comments invited...


Oct 17, 2006

Agile Communication Barrier

I really had to go back years down and re-collect my commerce courseware to get to know what is a communication barrier... we have so many Voice, Place, Mode, Time and what not... but all this wasnt much relevant to me until a last few years of my professional life when I realized that you really need to be proactive to avoid the communication barriers ... Now your question here is correct .. why the hell I am talking about communication barriers in a blog where Agile is the topic .. So Yes .. I want to talk about the Agility in the Software process and the communication barriers ..

So the reason I was provoked to write this blog was a wierd but best example of mis or undercommunication in a software process...so the issue here is that we got a requirement from our heldesk office instead of the regular product Management Team .. ofcourse helpdesk are very much closely dealing with the product Management team, you can say they are a virtual part of the same team.. so the requirement was driven completly by the helpdesk and that the Quality Control team and the development Team were in constant touch with the helpdesk demo'ed the features and functionalities etc to them ... everything at one point closer to the sprint end was agreed and the dev, Project Management,Product management, helpdesk were all on a same page until a small change was logged in by the helpdesk that was logged with the QA. The QA being the sole contact point between the business and the dev team got the issue to the project Management and then it was decided that this issue needs to be escalated .. The QA , Business and the helpdesk went into transitions of discussion and finalised that the requirement was no longer valid.. however this issue was also raised with dev .. and the project management asked the dev to see the effort required.. but unfortunately the dev team fixed the issue as per the changes asked by helpdesk and then it was informed to them at the last day of sprint that the requirement is not really required...

Now who is the Ideally accountable person here?

Well I dont see any point in accountablity or liability ... but all I could see is a better process should have being followed here... Better process in the sense:

1. The Product Management and the helpdesk work very very closely to finalise any requirements and the scenarios.
2. The QA deals with the scenarios and bring the business and the product management on a same page.
3. The Project Management decides what to do and what not to do.
4. The dev team sits idle till they ar einformed to proceed with the solution provided they are given enough requirement specification/time.
5. The QA , Project management and the product Management meets to discuss the impact.
6. The Project Management , dev and QA meets to discuss the effect on the existing work. Not only this but there are more things to it .. now when I try to review the process I find these things to be a main cause:

1. Bug Tracking: Not enough usage of the bug tracking mechanism. The QA should be very effective here.. the moment they come across a scenario where the requirements are tweaked / changing / changes suggested or bugs reported in the demo they have to take a proactive measure to raise the issue.

2. Enough Project Management: The point of contact being the QA the responsibility of the project Management increases to be more interactive with the QA not only for status but also for demos and requirement analysis.

3. Better change Management: The process needs to be improved to make sure that change management is dealt between known project point of contacts.

4. Adulteration of process : The process should be used and streamlined in terms of roles... i.e. QA getting in the role of Quality Control and Assurance.., PM in the change management and proces tracking, Project Lead in code control and developers in devlopment .

Most of these things are really known to us to be honest the only difference is this is just one instance when the breakdown happens inspite of things known to us...

Oct 13, 2006

UnAnticipated Events screw your schedules

Does it really for you? Well I dont know if you are following or not .. but yesterday was the best example for me when I really came to know that scheduling really really sucks...

So before I left for home I had planned for reaching house at 11 in the night and then wanted to read the Aaron Coben book which is pending since a few months now .. unfortunately I reached home at 10:30 .. unfortunately????? isnt that the question that you have now? Yeah I say unfortunately as unprecidented events really hurt... I reached home early was a real real good thing .. but then to manage the 30 mins decided to take a walk down the road after the dinner... seemingly I met a friend who took almost 45 minutes of me... and then my son started crying as he wanted to play cricket that late .. overall if you see .. some unanticipated events really cause to breakdown the schedules..

Now you will wonder why the hell I am talking about all this???? Yes this is just to let you know that this was in the day to day life.. In my current assignment I am not really involved into scheduling but it had being always a challenge... now you will ask what challenge??? Well there are many .. let me give you a simple example...

We started with a Software Project with a resource, release and risk plan .. but unfortunately the risk cover was not as high as the risks involved... so the risks we anticipated were not really enough to let the smooth flow for the project .. so talking about the scheduling breakdown.. The Team ended up in an unplanned festive vacation..worried what it is about .. Yeah the earlier software release which was supposed to happen in August was pushed to october and then to november . so the delay in the earlier releases due to non toxic reasons really caused an event which was not anticipated and thus caused the complete schedule to breakdown and re-work on scheduling was required...

There is lot about scheduling and pre-planning but when it comes to Software projects it is a kinda volatile .. really need to think on what best schedule could for a better planning platform

But anyways leave me and scheduling away for time .. I would sooner or later get involved into it

Oct 12, 2006

My experience with the Documentary

The Last time I did documentary with Palash and Abhi it was so different ... I had freedom to put my ideas and the script was written to best acquisite the concept .. Yeah "Tawayaf ki Zindagi" what we thought as a title for .. it was a dammn experience when we really had to go in the red light area.. and enter as one of them and generate the theme and concept in the video .. but I had 2 experts with me to help .. they knew the technique they were the experts .. so I presented my Idea and they helped me get the presentation correct ... And believe it or not that is why both of them got a Pat on there back from a leading film maker..It was excellent piece of art from them ... mixing .. dubbing was not really required .. but the way they handled camera I can't believe .. Now when I see our documentary I realise that why cameraman plays a important role in the movie and why his name comes before the real key members of the crew..

But this experience was much different .. different is not really the word .. it was a complete upside down of the first one.. I had to really think and get everyone in the Team think the same way as I was thinking and it was a risk.. coz I always thought that if the engine goes in a wrong direction the train will reach a dead end .. but as expected the Team was really really faboulous ...well it was like 4 Amateurs making a Oscar.. Yes for me this Documentary is a Oscar Nominee.. as I can see the hard work and effort not from one but from everyone...

I still remember when this came in from Kari and Joe that we make a documentary and the Team was distributed I thought that I will get some scope to show my "MOVIE specific Talents" but yeah it was all a faboulous experience .. Seetha, Natwar, Sachin, Saket, Rhushi were mind blowing in the part they played... and Vijay, Seetha ram and Karan (Rhushi's brother) were as good as they could be in the documentary... Well when it came to the documentary initially our Idea was very very much different..
it was about seX in Pune .. and Yes if you have a corrupt mind you will think its going to be a SX education documentary .. however it wasnt .. It was a documentary that would let you do some SighSeeing Xclusively in pune.. we thought we would evolve the documentary with personalities from different era .. right from 16th century to the current..however we could not do it .. But at this point I dont regret ... We could still do the best even though the topic is not that strong...

Ok forget it.. let me tell you my experience when we really thought of doing the documentary we currently did...
It was 7:45 in the evening after around 10-12 metings between the team about what the documentary should be like and how to begin and end the documentary we thought that we might need to change the topic as the deadline was close by and we did not have enough time to finish it... We thought of this topic ... "Drug Addiction" our inspiration was really the BOL smokers... though they are not really addicted to drugs but yes they are addicted to tobacco or nicotine whatever you call it..

The Idea eveolved within 15 minutes and we decided that we would shoot the next weekend as the story was pretty simple.. 1 good guy... has bad friends.. comes from a middle class family and gets into drugs. whether he dies or he is rehabilated was a separate question .. and you wont believe we still havent finalised it yet...

The first day of our shooting was at Natwar's flat in kharadi ... I was full prepared and so was Natwar, Seetha and Sachin.. we tool Puneet and Ranjitha along with us to get some support... but the fun was due in the next few hours.....

I am writing the sequel so follwo the blog if you really wanna know what we did there....

Oct 11, 2006

Hypocracy - From the Third World People

I bet the title tells you that I am going to talk about "Space Tourism" , "Aliens" and what not.. but No I am trying to talk about the third world people who stay with me and you and are many a times as normal as you and me are .. but... they are a BUTT at times. Now there you go .. yes I am trying to talk about Hypocracy..

I heard someone telling a few months ago about what a person whould do as a human being, how he should behave with people and how not... and what is a good human being characteristics... It all went into a crap when I saw the same person a few weeks ago misbehaving with the waiter and the captain... Now you will say why i remembered and wrote on something that was months old... well it is easy to tell you .. I saw some hypocracy there..which I yet again faced today early morning with a different person..

While on the road coming back from my early morning prayers I saw a handicapped fellow around 12-14 yrs old with a bunch of newspapers in hand .. yes I guess he was one of those kids who earn and learn ... anyways while passing by he asked me to help him get the bunch attached to his bycycle carriage .. I did that and he left .. so while back on way this guy asked me why I helped him .. I should have let him do it by own as he will get used to ask help everyday then.. I dont know how true or good that would be .. helping someone once is no big deal ... going ahead just in front of his house his son was not able to move his own vehicle and just lost a bit of control .. Mr. X rushed to him and moved the vehicle to free him .. I just retaliated saying why he helped him ? he would have being able to manage.. Well the answer I got was funny but upsetting .. he gave me 3 reasons

1. Its my son
2. I have to help him to see him go up the other guy I wont be bothered
3. If my son gets hurt it will be pain (hospital, medicines, and above all the pain for his son).
4. He is not from my religion.

So that is the Hypocracy I think is causing us... People behave differently , They preach something and they follow something, Rules are made with there own convinience .. so if I am doing wrong its OK but if someone else is doing wrong its a unforgivable sin...

All this is happening and I believe will continue forever .. never found a way to change this but a good workaround .. Give them a smile and they would sometime realise that Hypocracy kills others not you.

Oct 10, 2006

What would you Vote for Sympathy or Talent?

Strange thing but first time in my life I had being following this Talent Hunt show called "Sa re ga ma pa - Lil champs" and believe me it is so much exciting.. It started with around 32 kids aged between 10-15 yrs singing songs based on different themes and pitches, judged by the Terrific Trio that is what they called them " Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet and Bhappi Lahri". It all started a few months ago and kids singing those difficult songs really excited me ..

At this moment the story is 3 competitors left in the run with the judges being changed as now they dont have any say .. its all public who is going to decide who will be India's Little champ to win the 15 lks scholarship and a chance to sing in some movies etc... Now I am getting completely against this mode of judgement of Talent .. reason ??? Yeah very simple When this show begun I saw 3 competitors who were really really very very talented and for me they were the best proabables for the title .. "AbhroKanti" "Pawni" and "Neha" however as the show went ahead it was "Sameer Mohammed" , "Sanchita" who evolved from the first show to get a very good control over the performances until late ... This was not only my liking but the judges too liked these competitors and they too thought that they would be the one that will be in the fray for the title... but it wasnt going to be like that ..

Diwakar - who is handicapped (blind to be precise) was one of the good performers in the game however I would say he was 50% of what others were ... I maintained some records of how others performed and to my surprise it was " Sameer - 5 times best performance win, Pawni - 7 times, Sanchita - 3 times , Abhrokanti - 5 times and Diwakar - 2 times or less... and this was all judged based on the judges grading. When the Competition was left with 5 strong contenders it was decided by the organisers to recall one of the performaers who were out in the earlier rounds .. reason was the emotional attachment the other 5 had towards them .. and out of the 5 recalled candidate Diwakar was the one who got lot of public support .. I understand that symapathy will be there but because of this someone very deserving had to get out ... Diwakar was in with highest votes though his perfromace was lower then average.

Now the competion changed it was Public who was going to vote one member out of the competition every week ... and inspite of less than average performance ( b+, A ) as compared to the others (A+ A) he was able to survive ... Pawni and Abhrokanti are out of the game now and Sameer and Sanchita are left .. however I think that soon they too will be eliminated as I understand the judges grading is of no value and people are just voting based on some criteria for me it is Sympathy now.

what do you think who should win?

Sameer - Sheer Talented boy from a middle class family who has improved in each episode

Sanchita - Techie when it comes to music and has shown tremendous potential

or Diwakar - Average performer but High sympathy gainer?

Oct 5, 2006

Success of Agile

Learnt a few things about Agile while practising them all these months .. Its not just about being Agile or following Agile .. its about what principles of Agile we really follow and how effectively .. So when we talk about the principles of Agile I think the following play a very very key role and the success of an Agile Team is based on how best and to what level we follow on them.... here goes the first few

1. Self Dependent Team: This is very much essential for the success of the projects following Agile methodology.. The Team should be self dependent and/or self organizing .. they should understand the importance of being self reliant to some extent... which means that many of the day to day activities that are being carried by a different role in the traditional methodology will be taken care of by the Development or Agile Team itself.

2. Test what you can and what you cannot: Well when it comes to agile this is the core principle .. the final motto of agile somewhere is to get the Quality work done in the best possible way. So it is the responsibility of the Agile Team to make sure that the testing is carried out for every possible feature or module developed by the Agile Team. This also constitutes the Impact the development had on the software.

3. Communicate :- The Last I can think is Agile team will fail badly if this is not really handled well... The success is all based on how effectively the communication is happeneing between the Team and the business (client/analyst). There is no scope for a communication lapse in the agile.. The moment there is a communication barrier the possibility of the agile project failing goes high.

4. Deliver 9 babies in 9 month: One of the primary objectives of the Agile team is to deliver and delivery here means delivery on time and in consistency .. well thats the Mantra for the Agile success ... Incremental delivery what we call it.. deliver go back to the business , change and deliver again until the customer says .. enough.. lol
So when we say 9 babies in 9 months it also means from 9 mothers .. just that 1 baby each month ..

5. Learn from your mistakes: Every Agile Iteration brings a store of things to learn .. its not so easy to learn from mistakes as you see the same people failing all over again and again in the same style.. If the mistakes are not counted then definately the failure chances are more over and over again. The Best thing the Agile Team can do is learn from mistakes by way of Harvest and audits.

6. Measurement: Its always a critical thing to do follwo in agile .. see whats being done and whats the impact .. the moment you loose track of the Impact the Team had on the software its the countdown to begin for failure... Mesaure the Impact as you measure failure and success

7. Slaughter all that comes your way: If you have seen the 13th Warrior .. thats how the Agile team should be like .. just cut down the problems chop them and put them in a curry for lunch.. if you keep them hanging they will hang you .. and believe me that hanging will be otherway round too.

Now that all i have talked about Agile there are still so many things to be spoken about .. those experts who sit in there cabins and follow agile can definately come up and say a word?


Oct 4, 2006

Marriage - An Institution???

I came across 2 blog posts today on the write-up blogs... both regarding Marriages... I am sure there’s lot to talk about but both these posts are at the far dead ends to each other but are so closely linked... Sneha's post talks about how to choose a Marriage partner and Desire's post talks about the after effects of marriage..

When I read Shobha De's "Spouse" I felt marriage to be a real different thing that what I experienced in my 6 years of marriage... Shobha de spoke about what to do and what not to do... And My marriage was all about "To do" and it was more on what your better half has to do.. Going through Premchand challa's "Prem-Vivah" I cam to know about the other part of the life which I think we as Young generation never think about... Yes I am talking about "Emotions"... Now you will be wondering what the hell is emotion... So let me give you a clear example...

My wife once was complaining me about me fighting with her when she gets late either while going out or when we decide to meet outside where we both will reach to a common place from our offices... N somehow I realized that Yes that was true... I used to wait for her for hours before we got married... just in hope that She might be having some problems or thinking something must have gone wrong in the way and blah blah blha .. Where else now it is... Dammn she is taking time to get ready... and why the hell she wants to think about the dress she has to wear and what not...

So coming back to the point... when you say Think before you marry someone... you really have to give a thought and spend sometime together... Now that Together is very clear in today’s life ..."YES - I am talking about companionship" this will let you know what the person is all about... His daily habits pros and cons and the main thing is the attitude. I agree that many of you won’t really agree to this thinking about the culture and heritage of India and Indian society, but Boy go visit the family court and see the problem… I was talking to one of the lawyers in the Pune family court a few months ago and something really shocking cam to my knowledge. Every year Pune Marriage registrar office registers around 3000 marriages all religion(Facts need to be checked and verified) and around 2000 cases are filed either for alumni, custody, divorce, maintenance or visitation rights of kids, which means that for sure the 2000 families are not staying together, So only 1000 marriages a year are successful?

Well lot more in this regards and I think I will continue writing on this in parts… If you guys like it post your views ..

T.V is changing

Gone are the days when the women of the house in India used to be at home no matter the world went Amadeus from 8:00 in the evening until midnight.. donn know y? Hell here goes the list
1. Kasam se
2. Kkkusum
3. kyonki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi
4. kahani ghar ghar ki
blh blha blah

Well dont believe .. Yes this is true... atleast now things have changed a bit..

Jhalak Dikhla Ja
Naach Baliye
Saregama pa lil champs

All these Game shows are making TV life much more interesting than earlier..In this competitive era .. No channel can afford same ol Daughter-in-law mother-in-law serials , cries and hues and the same ol fucking useless emotions with darn blasting expressions.